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ACCEPT’s Wolf Hoffman wants to prove to the world that they’ve still got it

by on Oct.18, 2010, under news

BRAVE WORDS recently interviewed ACCEPT‘s Wolf Hoffman:

Stranger things have happened. But whenever a classic act feels the creative juices flowing, yet need to find a new voice due to a death, split or other drama to complete the puzzle, it’s a recipe for disaster. Ask Mr. Iommi about the revolving door of singers post-DIO. In history, two success stories stick out; AC/DC and VAN HALEN. Nothing else comes close. So when guitar legend Wolf Hoffman‘s creative juices were flowing and he couldn’t convince Udo Dirkschneider to take another kick at the can, he started looking for the new voice of ACCEPT. You could hear a big sigh in the distance. No disrespect to former TT QUICK singer Mark Tornillo, but Accept made the disastrous call once in their career and our ears are still ringing from the ‘generation clash‘ (1989′s dismal Eat The Heat with singer David Reece). But here we are in 2010, and Hoffman‘s gut instinct is churning again. He’s got a waft of material he’d created with bassist Peter Baltes and the band needed a voice. Fast-forward to the present and Accept‘s new album, Blood Of The Nations is a blinder, even to the point of entering the German album charts at #4, marking the highest entry ever in the band’s career at home, beating out the #5 position of 1986’s Russian Roulette. So what the hell happened? Hoffman fills in the blanks with below:

Hoffman: “Man, we really just wanted to prove to the world that we’ve still got it, and we got a little bit ticked off about the early people who said it couldn’t be done, which in turn made us try even harder. We wrote this whole album in two or three months. And this is all brand-new stuff. We just met Mark and figured he’s the perfect man for the gig, and we sat down and asked him whether he wanted to join us. And we called the other guys and within a day or so it was decided that we were gonna re-start Accept. And then we sat down and said, ‘oh, shit, now we need to write new songs, so let’s get to it.’ And Peter and I did, and we wrote all that stuff over the summer last year.”

Read the rest of the BRAVE WORDS interview here.
For more ACCEPT click here.

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CD Reviews: ACCEPT – Blood Of The Nations

by on Aug.24, 2010, under reviews

Blood Of The Nations
Nuclear Blast
8 out of 10

1968. How many of you can say you were alive then? How many of you knew that Accept has been around for the last 42 years? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I didn’t think so. Sure today’s Accept bears no resemblance to the original band, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t carry the name proudly, or properly.
Accept has been off the radar for the past few years. In fact Blood Of The Nations is their first album in 10 years. And other than having a new singer front the band, there is little changed in the band over the last decade. They sound a little tighter, a little edgier, a little rejuvenated, and a whole lot like the Accept of old.
The opening track ‘Beat The Bastards‘ reveals the traditional Accept riffs and while the vocals may not be familiar to most, it fits the Accept sound better than any singer since Udo Dirkschneider. Vocalist Mark Tornillo deftly handles his duties, singing, growling, and screaming, with deft aplomb. There are times where you forget that it isn’t Udo; the growling vocals are that similar. But it isn’t like the band is attempting to get an Udo clone. Mark’s voice is similar in many ways, but it is also distinctly his own.
The guitars are what make Accept…. Accept. The traditional twin guitar attack of Wolf Hoffmann and Herman Frank has been what has always set Accept apart from other European Metal bands. Guitar Duos like K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton from Judas Priest, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden set the bar for the twin guitar sound. Hoffmann and Frank are probably more underrated than they should be. Trading leads and rhythms deftly, with that distinct Accept melodic crunch, as soon as any of the 14 tracks of Blood Of The Nations begins you know who you are listening to immediately.
The anthemic lyrics and subject matter haven’t changed either. The title track ‘Blood Of The Nations‘ is pure sing along metal anthem fodder that Accept has been known for. From 1982’s Restless And Wild, 1983’s Balls To The Wall, 1985’s Metal Heart, and almost every subsequent album, Accept’s twin guitar sound and anthemic lyrics are what defined them and set them above and apart from most bands of their day.
They haven’t forgotten this fact on Blood Of The Nations. Massive riffs fill this album from beginning to end. Sing along anthems like ‘Blood Of The Nations’, ‘Teutonic Terror’, and even ‘The Abyss’ keep the listener involved in the music, not to mention at shows it must lead to massive sing alongs.
If you are a fan of the Accept ‘of old’, then Blood Of The Nations is for you. If you haven’t been much of a fan of Accept, then Blood Of The Nations is for you. If you have never heard Accept, or heard OF them, then Blood Of The Nations is for you. If you are a fan of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc, then Blood Of The Nations is for you. In short, if you are a fan of Metal, then Blood Of The Nations is for you.

You can pick up your copy of Blood Of The Nations right here.
For more Accept click here.

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