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Interview: STRAIGHT LINE STITCH’s Alexis Brown: from Stevie Nicks to Korn a logical musical progression

by on Aug.13, 2011, under news

It is 100 degrees in the parking lot of the Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh, NC and I am being escorted to Straight Line Stitch’s bus. Well, to the back end of the bus to be accurate, As I tweeted at the time, I’ve done a lot of things in the back of an equipment trailer, but never given an interview, so my thanks to Straight Line Stitch for popping that cherry for me. In the interview we touch on Alexis’ R&B roots, her love of Stevie Nicks and Korn, and the work ethic for one of the hardest touring bands I know.

Away-Team: I am sitting in an equipment trailer with Seth and Alexis of STRAIGHT LINE STITCH here at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest and it is going to be a hot one today, the temperature is predicted to hit 103. So how do you handle the heat like this when you are out on stage?

Seth: I just drink lots and lots of water. And I try to get her to drink lots of water.

Alexis: (holding a beer in her hand as we speak) I never do what I am supposed to do (laughs). Beer is colder to me! It just tastes better.

Seth: She’s like, ‘water has no flavor!’ But I don’t care, you have to hydrate! It’s good for you…

Alexis: He mothers me. If I die from the heat, at least I’ll die on stage, I’ll die happy and full of beer!

Away-Team: Does the heat affect your voice at all? Or is the set so short that it doesn’t have time to mess with your voice?

Alexis: The set is short but it is so hot that it feels like an eternity! I’m up there thinking we’re on the fifth song and we’re on the third song. The affects you because you get winded and tired, and as a singer, you think, ‘if I sing this note, it is not going to come out right.’ (laughs)

Seth: It affects our guitars too, strings stretch, and swell, and go out of tune, but you deal with it the best you can. Yesterday our show was awful! Our guitars would not stay in tune; it was so bad. It sounded like cats fighting on stage!

Away-Team: So when you can feel it derailing like that and you can’t reel it back in, do you just put more energy into the set? Just hope the crowd overlooks the out of tune guitar, the missed note, and just vibes on the energy you’re putting into trying to put on a good show?

Alexis: Yes, yes.

Seth: You jut gotta show your poker face to the crowd, ‘hey, ain’t’ nothing wrong here!

Alexis: More than likely they won’t know there is something wrong going on until they see you up there looking at each other or throwing a fit. If you react badly then they’re like, ‘oh damn, this is a shitty show!’ but if you act like it doesn’t bother it, it doesn’t faze you, then it’s just rock n roll.

Away-Team: At that point it is just the PA’s fault, the sound system is bad, it isn’t the band’s fault! (everyone laughs)

Seth and Alexis: Yes! Exactly!

Alexis: (acting innocent) I don’t know what’s going on, it sounded good to us. (laughs)

Away-Team: So you guys have been around since 1999/2000, Your ‘debut’ was a combination of atmospheric interludes with bursts of manic full bore metal, where The Fight Of Our Lives see you blending the two much better. Is it maturity as songwriters? Was it all new material or did you take things from the past 10 years…

Alexis: Excuse my language but it was a conscious effort by the band to say fuck everything else! Let’s just make an album that we as a band can be happy with.

Away-Team: That was the end of my question, was it because nobody was riding you this time saying, ‘do it this way, don’t do that. We want to hear this…

Alexis: We basically just knocked the monkey off our back and said, ‘This is about us first and foremost, this is OUR dream.

Seth: On the last record we did what they said, and nothing happened for us, on this record we did what we wanted, we put our hearts into it, and I think it transcends to the fans, and they can see that and hear that. So in that alone it has done more for us.

Away-Team: Well if it feels right to you, then it should come across in the music and most certainly in the live show.

Alexis: It definitely resonates more with our audience.

Away-Team: I’ve heard of you guys out on the road on every tour it seems for the last 4 years. I’ve seen you on huge tours like this, and playing tiny little rooms in a one horse town in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. I see you guys constantly on bills of shows everywhere. When was the last time you had a break?

Alexis: If you are not touring, if you are not performing, and you’re not recording then what are you doing? We have got to stay busy, that is our whole bread and butter. Whether it is a big one a little one, somewhere in between, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, we don’t care, we’re gonna play.

Seth: Also in this day and time everybody and their brother has a band, so if you’re not on the top, always putting yourself in people’s faces, always doing shows, they’re going to forget you.

Away-Team: At some point though you have to recharge your batteries don’t you? Or is that what the studio is for?

Alexis: Sometimes we’ll have a week off here and there; very seldom we’ll have a month off.

Seth: We’d love to do a month on and a month off that would be the perfect scenario. But if an offer comes up, you gotta take it!

Away-Team: The band hails from Tennessee, but actually you all live all over the US and OUTSIDE the US, how does that help or hinder being in a band together and say when it comes time to write an album?

Alexis: I think it is good that we have a little bit of distance at times.

Seth: When we write everyone has their own ideas, and we’ll put them all together, send them around to everyone else, and then come together for about a month and write an album. We don’t put out a song unless everyone is 100% happy with it.

Alexis: Basically we make it work. We’ll tour, then go our separate ways and write. Then when it is time to get back together, we’ll take all our ideas and put them in a big kettle and hash them out and make something of them.

Away-Team: I’ve read one of your main influences is Stevie Nicks, how do you go from Stevie Nicks to the kind of vocals you do now?

Alexis: I fell in love with Stevie Nicks through my step dad. He had a bunch of records of hers, and I would look at them and say, ‘she’s really pretty and kinda kooky, I love that about her.’ So I checked out the music finally and fell in love with her as an artist. It was actually my brother who was into the heavier stuff, Pantera, Ozzy, and Korn. And he introduced me to that kind of music and I fell in love with that genre. I’ve always wanted to be a singer but not necessarily a heavy metal singer. I was the cliché; I wanted to be the black girl that was doing R&B. That’s what I went after. But when my brother introduced me to metal, he showed me a whole new world, and I fell in love with it.

Away-Team: Since you brought it up, do you find it hard being accepted first a female in metal and secondly a black female in metal?

Alexis: I think if I were being a poser I’d have a harder time…

Away-Team: You mean like say Jada Pinkett Smith?

Alexis: Whoa! She was doing her; I’m not going to say nothing bad about that, I plead the fifth. (laughs) She did her thing, and…. We’ve got to embrace each other we can’t be knockin’ each other down. Speaking for myself if I was fake and I wasn’t a good person people would see through that… But people can tell I’m genuine and I don’t use the color card, I don’t use the female card. It’s just about us making music that we love and music that we are trying to get out there. I think people respect that, so no, it’s not hard for me.

Away-Team: What is the best part of being on a touring Festival like this and worst…

Alexis: The fans! The fans are the best part! The bands too the bands are the best part. The worst is the heat, that frickin’ heat…

Seth: And the dust! When we play in parking lots like we are going to do today, there is nothing but a big dust cloud raised by the audience, and it sits right on us on stage. You breathe that in and you got big boogers in your nose…

Alexis: Speaking of race… everyone’s going to be brown today!!! (laughs)

Away-Team: Unity through dust!

Alexis: Yes! Yes! (laughs)

Away-Team: What is the worst name of a band you’ve been in?

Alexis: Smooth As Silk… that was my all girl band.

Away-Team: Was that your R&B phase?

Alexis: Yes, but I still listen to R&B, I listen to everything!

Away-Team: As I think all good musicians should.

Alexis: Yes, me too, I love all kinds of music, all music.

Away-Team: After Mayhem winds down and you wash all the dust off, what’s next for Straight Line Stitch?

Seth: Afro Punk Fest in New York and it is FREE so come on out and support us at the stage! It’s on August the 28th. Then we’re doing a hometown show, first hometown show in about 2 years on September 26th. We’re excited about that! Then we were supposed to go to Europe after that but the band we were supporting had family issues and canceled the tour.

Alexis: They’re having some hard times but we still love them.

Away-Team: Well good luck with the rest of the tour, continued success, and thanks for hanging in your equipment trailer with me.

Seth: Thank you, careful in that heat. DRINK WATER!!! Maybe you’ll listen to me because she won’t! (laughs).

There is a long list of people to thank for making this and all of our Mayhem Fest interviews happen, so, forgive me if I forgot anyone, but thanks to Lilly at Roadrunner, Bill at eOne Music, Rikki, Natalie, and Jessica at Adrenaline, and Laura Jean with Mayhem.

For more STRAIGHT LINE STITCH click here.

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Review: Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest – Raleigh, NC 03AUG11

by on Aug.09, 2011, under reviews

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival
Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre at Walnut Creek

Raleigh, NC

Mayhem (noun A state of violent disorder or riotous confusion; havoc.)

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival hit Raleigh, North Carolina for the second straight year on August 3rd. This year’s event boasted a stronger main stage than last year with Disturbed and Godsmack co-headlining the biggest rock festival in the US. With the inclusion of Machine Head and Megadeth you couldn’t ask for a better main stage group of bands.

Where the ‘mayhem’ failed to really occur was the side stages. Last year it seemed that bands like Shadows Fall, In This Moment, Chimaira, 3 Inches of Blood, Atreyu and more really took hold of the early crowd and amped them up and primed them for the headliners, Rob Zombie and Korn. But this year, outside of Suicide Silence, which put on a blistering set, and really had the biggest pit and most crowd participation it seemed to me, nobody really whipped the crowd into a frenzy and kept them there. I will say that I did miss Red Fang, All Shall Perish, and Straight Line Stitch due to being in the press tent doing interviews (which you will read later here at, so I can’t say how the crowd responded to them.

Mayhem (noun Infliction of violent injury on a person or thing; wanton destruction)

Raleigh, North Carolina is in the middle of one of the hottest summers on record. We are caught in an oppressive heat wave, and they day of Mayhem was no exception. 103 was the high temp of the day, and the side stages were actually in the gravel parking lot. With no shade, and no relief from the blistering sun and boiling temperature, it wasn’t the bands that we causing the mayhem on this day, it was Mother Nature, and boy was she pissed. The ridiculous heat and the unrelenting sun were causing many to fall out long before the main stage even opened. And once it did we found reprieve from the sun, but not the heat, and any breeze that may have acted as a cooling agent was blocked by the building itself which turned the pit and the front part of the audience into a pressure cooker. The temperature at the front of the pit was hotter than it was out in the parking lot under direct sunlight. Again, the heat may have been the biggest cause of mayhem all day.

As I have already said, I missed Red Fang, All Shall Perish, and Straight Line Stitch due to being in interviews so I can’t say anything about their sets other than I was really disappointed in missing SLS after having interviewed Alexis and Seth right before they were to go on stage. And In Flames did not perform because they had just dropped off the tour due to an illness in the family. So the following are my notes of the bands I did get to catch, and I am adding in my tweets as it is the best indicator of what I thought as it was happening (you can follow Away Team on twitter and read our live streams from the various shows we’re attending at ).

Kingdom Of Sorrow: Jamey Jasta & Kurt Windstein’s side project is pretty good. It more up tempo than Crowbar, and a little more straight forward metal than Hatebreed, but it just sounds like Hatebreed with a little more metal riffage to me. This isn’t a problem really, but if you are going to do a side project or different band, then the sound should really be different, otherwise, what is the point of having another band?

Suicide Silence: Had a huge pit. Probably had the greatest pit interaction of the crowd all day. I expected Unearth to take that title, but Suicide Silence took no prisoners and the crowd gave back everything they could under ridiculous conditions.

Unearth: Unearth performed four years ago in Raleigh at a small theater, and it was the bloodiest pit the venue ever had. There were more broken bones and noses during that show than at any other show in the history of the venue. And at the end of the night when it came time to mop the floor, the normal beer and sweat covering it was pink with all the blood that had been spilled. I really thought that given the conditions that day and the size of the crowd that it was going to be an insane pit. However the heat must have really gotten to them by the time Unearth took the stage, because while they were raucous they were no were close to the frenetic pit that was the previous Raleigh Unearth show. The band, sounded good, even though they weren’t on the Revolver stage (bigger PA, better sound), but they went balls out for 40 minutes and got the crowd jumping. Unearth always put on a spirited performance, and Raleigh’s Mayhem was no exception. I realize that these festivals are really the first time that most people have heard or seen these bands on the side stage, so it’s great for the 10 bands or so that share the stages to get that exposure. But I’d really rather have maybe 7 bands total, and let them all play longer. I’d really have liked to see Unearth have a few more songs to pummel the crowd with. Of course in that insane heat, we may have lost the bands as well as a portion of the crowd. So maybe considering the environment it was a good thing that all the bands played shorter sets.

Trivium: Another first for me was getting to see Trivium. However, as much as I tried, I just could not connect with their performance. I am sure it was me, it was late in the day, I was starving but didn’t want to leave the parking lot and miss the bands, so I waited it out for the transition from side stages to main house before I ate. The heat may have finally started to take its toll on me. But try as I might, I could not get into their set. It sounded great. The Revolver stage boasts itself as the loudest stage and it may well be, but even as loud and as good at it sounded, something for me was missing and Trivium’s set left me disappointed.

Machine Head: Being from the Bay Area of California I am no stranger to Machine Head, however, in their 20 years of being together, I have never had the opportunity to see them. They were really the last big metal band out of San Francisco that I haven’t seen at some point. So I was really looking forward to their set, and I was not to be disappointed. Machine Head are a very underrated band, they have never really gotten their fair due here in the states, and I’ve never understood why. While the European press and fans have all embraced them wholeheartedly it seems to me the US press and fans continue to pass them by. They had what I consider to be the best album of 2007 (The Blackening) and live they simply laid the crowd to waste. Robb Flynn makes for an interesting frontman. Having never seen them, I had in my mind what they must be like live. And while the performance lived up to or surpassed my expectations, Robb himself changed my expectations of him. He seemed genuinely happy to be there, and while the music may be aggressive, dark and mean, he certainly did not come across that way when he spoke. He came across as sincere and really appreciative of the crowd and the opportunity to perform for them. A stark contrast to the music and vocals, he was almost cheery on stage, throwing a party instead of churning out riff after monster riff. And while the crowd seeped into the main stage area, the band cranked out one massive neck shredding song after another. By the end of their set, they had most of the sun weary crowd on their feet cheering for them.

Megadeth: After watching The Big 4 DVD from Sophia Bulgaria, and watching the show simulcast to theaters all over the world, I was hoping Dave Mustaine’s voice would be better than it was for that memorable show. When Dave goes for the high notes, his voice sounds like he is inhaling while trying to sing. Do it, right now, I’ll wait… It sounds like you’re singing in a vacuum. It sounds plain wrong. But over the years most vocalists can’t maintain the range they had when they were young. Dave unfortunately is one of those that can’t hit the notes he used to back in the day. And instead of dropping down a note or two to compensate, he still attempts to hit it, and misses. It isn’t screechy thankfully, but as I said it sounds like it he is singing while inhaling deeply. And it is very off putting. That aside, the man and the band put on a hell of a show. They are unbelievably tight. And the solos continue to shred and show up the younger bands out there today. From the father of speed metal to his newest guitarist Chris Broderick, they continue to show up and teach the younger bands out there how to properly shred. No real surprises from the set musically, a mix of the old and new, with a couple of songs from the upcoming release TH1RT3EN. A great set by a great band, so glad to see Dave Ellefson back in the fold and I think Megadeth may have the strongest guitarist next to Dave that they ever have in Chris Broderick. I look forward to seeing what new elements he brings to the Megadeth arsenal both in recordings and live.

Godsmack: Having seen Godsmack about 5 times in the past, and on consecutive nights no less, I think I’ve seen the best and worst that they can do. I will say that I like a lot of their songs, I think if you combine all the albums they have done and taken the best songs off them then you will have one kick ass album. Live though, I think the music and band are a little boring. I am sure I am going to get a ton of shit for saying this, and the leader of the shit brigade will be our very own Bam Bam who swears Shannon Larkin is an amazing drummer and the second coming (for clarification Shannon is a great drummer, I think his talents are lost on Godsmack however), and beats me up (verbally) whenever I say a bad word about them. Those of you following Away Team on twitter will remember I said that this show was more energetic than the ones I’d previously seen, and I was actually enjoying the set until ‘IT’ happened… I have for years railed against guitar solos and drum solos, by anyone. Even Eddie Van Halen. I know you can shred, I know you can play; I get it, that’s why I am at your show. Quit jacking off and play a song! The only thing worse than a guitar solo or drum solo by a headlining band (fine give your bandmates a break while you jack off on the crowd, I get why they do it, but really, if you can’t play a 90 minute set then get your lazy ass in shape!) is a solo by a support band. We have even less time to see you and you are going waste our time stroking yourself off in front of us? What could be worse than a guitar or drum solo by a supporting band? I’m so glad you asked, how about TWO DRUM SOLOS?!??!?! That’s right, in the middle of Godsmack’s set a second drum kit is wheeled out onto the stage and Sully and Shannon have a ‘drum off’. We get it, you used to be a drummer, but now you play guitar, and sing. So… play guitar and sing! Let your drummer drum. That’s his job. Otherwise put the guitar down and get behind the kit. This isn’t the Sully Erna show… This is Godsmack, so let Godsmack… ALL of Godsmack… play. If that weren’t enough they broke into songs snippets from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and Black Sabbath. What’s worse than doing a medley of your own tunes? How about a medley of someone else’s tunes! Ok, so the ‘drum off’ finally ended. A couple more songs, and then an encore. And what do they do for an encore, let Sully yell at the crowd for 10 minutes to ‘get ready to get crazy’. Fuck you. Stand out in the heat with us all day and see how ‘crazy’ you get 8 hours into the show. And fuck your sing along too. I paid to see you sing. Not to hear 15,000 of my closest friends sing. So put the drums away, stow the sing along bullshit, and perform songs. Thank you… please drive thru.

Disturbed: Having seen Disturbed three or four times the past 2 years I went into this show expecting this to be the last time I saw Disturbed live (not because of their just announced indefinite hiatus, but because of David’s trouble singing as of late). The more time goes on the worse David sounds live. Unless you catch the band within the first two or three weeks of a tour starting (with a ton of downtime before the tour), you get a screechy David Draiman. And it seems to get worse as time goes on. However, I was pleasantly surprised Wednesday night when Disturbed came out and David sound the strongest I’d heard him sound the last 7 or 8 shows I’d seen. The band as always is very tight, and while I felt a little melancholy that this would in fact be the last Disturbed show for some time, I was happy that for me at least they went out on a high note and David sounded so good. My only complaint, ok two… is that #1 we got 65 minutes of a headlining set, and #2 we got the same set we’ve gotten for the last three tour cycles. I understand you are still touring in support of Asylum, but that doesn’t mean that for two years straight you give the fans the same show without changing it up. You have 5 great albums and a lot of material to choose from, yet it seems the last 4 shows I’ve seen are the exact same shows front to back. It isn’t like there is a ton of pyro they have to contend with, or special lighting, it’s just plain laziness it seems. If you are hitting the same market 4 times in 2 years, why not give them a new show at least 50% of the time?

All in all it was a great day for music, but was it Mayhem inducing? Did it stand up to last year’s Mayhem Fest? You’ll have to be the judge of that yourself. It had its highs and lows, as did last years, but all in all a good time was certainly had by myself and those around me.

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CD review: HALESTORM – Reanimate The Covers EP

by on Apr.30, 2011, under reviews


Reanimate: The Covers EP

Atlantic Records

8 out of 10

Ok, so you put an even remotely attractive woman on a stage, and I’m pretty much hooked from the get go. Sexist? Probably… But I’ve got a thing for women on stage. Sue me.

But when a woman has talent on top and exceeding her looks? Well then you’ve got something for your ears and eyes. Heart, Pat Benetar, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, Tori Amos, Doro Pesch, the list goes on and on, all have amazing talent vocally as well as musically.

So there’s a new breed of women rockers out there doing their own thing… Maria Brink (In This Moment), Otep (Otep), Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch), again the list goes on and on. And hot on their heels is the newest female fronted band… Halestorm.

Fronted by Lzzy Hale the band features her brother Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger, and Josh Smith. They have released a solid self titled debut which charted well for them as well as got them enough notice to put them on the main stage of last year’s Uproar tour with Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour.

The Band has released a new EP of covers to tie their fans over until they can finish their follow up full length album.

An EP of covers from a band with only one album out seems to be a risky move to me. If you’re trying to keep your name in the forefront of your fan’s minds then maybe a live DVD (the label already put out a live album of theirs a year after their self titled album came out as their singles finally began to chart and hit with the public), or an EP of acoustic reworkings… something that is yours, not copies of other songs seems to be in the band’s best interest to me. But then I’m not some big label head honcho either. Whatever.

That being said, let’s look at the songs chosen for the EP:
All I Want to do (is make love to you) by Heart, Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Hunger Strike by Temple Of The Dog, I Want You (she’s so heavy) by The Beatles, Out Ta Get Me by Guns & Roses, Slave To The Grind by Skid Row. So this young upstart band definitely has some balls to it. From pop dance to classic rock, and grunge to sleaze rock. The song selection alone intrigued me. How would they do actually covering the songs?

Well, the Heart cover was pretty much straight forward, and done very well. Bad Romance seems to be the hardest one to cover. How do you take a rock band and throw in a dance song and make it sound good? I don’t know. Really… this should be a recipe for certain disaster, but Lzzy and the boys actually pulled it off and very well. This may actually be the highlight of the EP. Being able to turn a Lady Gaga song into a rock n roll monster? Hats off to Halestorm for doing it, and doing it well.

Oddly the Lady Gaga cover has caused less controversy and dissent from the internet trolls than their decision to cover Temple Of The Dog. I’m sorry, but when did Grunge become gospel? And if a band can run the gamut between classic Beatles, to Modern day dance pop, and everywhere in between why can’t they take on grunge too? I mean who made TotD the sacred cow anyway?

It’d be one thing if the band didn’t pull off the song. Or heaven forbid took a dance song and made a rock song out of it, only to take a grunge song and make a dance hit out of it!!!! But Halestorm sticks to the basics and pulls off a decent remake of a very good song. I will say that it does lose a little passion when Lzzy sings it over Eddie Vedder, but it isn’t a bad version by any means.

The Beatles song may be the only song I take umbrage with and that is only because it runs on too long and gets a bit monotonous at the end. But the first 4 minutes of the song are… the ballsiest the band has every sounded to me.

Out Ta Get Me is sleazy and dirty, but a little unremarkable compared to the rest of the songs on the EP.

And I may have to go back and listen to their debut, but I think Slave To The Grind may well be the heaviest thing the band has done. And heavy they do well. Would love to see this one live. I can totally see Lzzy standing their snarling out the lyrics to this, and I’m sure this summer that’s exactly what we’ll see.

So other than the odd choice of putting out a covers EP, the project works. A solid 8 from me for this, and that is only because Hunger Strike and Out Ta Get Me left me a little flat.

You can pick up Reanimate The Covers EP here.
For more HALESTORM click here.

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IN THIS MOMENT to headline Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock: Hell Hath No Fury tour

by on Mar.05, 2011, under news

IN THIS MOMENT have electrified the rock world with their opus ‘A Star-Crossed Wasteland‘. From climbing into radio’s coveted Top 40 with the single “The Promise” or touring relentlessly alongside KoRn, Disturbed and Sevendust as part of the Music As A Weapon tour, the band has already kicked off 2011 with a bang. Now they are excited to reveal plans for their first headlining tour of 2011. REVOLVER Magazine presents ‘Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock: Hell Hath No Fury‘ tour sponsored by Keep A Breast Foundation featuring IN THIS MOMENT with support coming from Straight Line Stitch, System Divide and Sister Sin.

Frontwoman Maria Brink comments: “IN THIS MOMENT are extremely happy to team up with Revolver Magazine and Keep A Breast Foundation for the ‘Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock Tour‘! It is always an honor to work with Revolver and we are excited to support a worthwhile charity in Keep A Breast Foundation by donating a percent of all CD sales on this tour to the charity. Most of all, we are excited to get back on the road and see all of you! Come out to a show and rock out with us!

The tour will kick off on April 22nd in Santa Ana CA and run through May 15th. During the tour, Maria will be filming exclusive video blogs for Revolver and will be interviewing each of the other frontwomen on this incredible package. IN THIS MOMENT and CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS will be donating a percentage of all CD sales on this tour to the Keep A Breast Foundation, who will also be launching exclusive charity auctions during the tour. VIP ticketing will also be available for this tour, stay tuned for more information.

Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock dates:
04/22/11 – Santa Ana, CA, Galaxy Theatre
04/23/11 – Bakersfield, CA, Jerry’s
04/24/11 – Sacramento, CA, Ace of Spades
04/25/11 – Sparks, NV, The Alley
04/27/11 – Boise, ID, Knitting Factory
04/28/11 – Seattle, WA, Studio Seven
04/29/11 – Portland, OR, Bossanova Ballroom
04/30/11 – Spokane, WA, The A Club
05/01/11 – Billings, MT, The Railyard
05/03/11 – Des Moines, IA, The House of Bricks
05/05/11 – Madison, WI, The Annex
05/06/11 – Grand Rapids, MI, The Intersection
05/07/11 – Barrington, IL, Penny Rd Pub
05/08/11 – Little Rock, AR, Downtown Music
05/10/11 – Lawrence, KS, The Bottleneck
05/11/11 – Tulsa, OK, The Marquee
05/12/11 – Lubbock, TX, Jakes
05/13/11 – Albuquerque, NM, Laucnhpad
05/14/11 – Tucson, AZ, The Rock
05/15/11 – Flagstaff, AZ, The Orpheum

For more IN THIS MOMENT click here.
For more KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION click here.

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ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL, the heralded hard rock and metal event of the summer, is swiftly becoming the heavy music fans’ summertime rite of passage. Today, the 4th annual summertime juggernaut announces the 2011 line-up with DISTURBED, GODSMACK and MEGADETH, joined by MACHINE HEAD, IN FLAMES, TRIVIUM, and many more of today’s most electrifying artists. The tour will make a 26 date trek across the country beginning on July 9th at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California. Tune in to and for up-to-date ticketing information.

This summer’s mainstage artists, DISTURBED, GODSMACK, and MEGADETH, will be joined by a ferocious mix of the best hard rock and metal artists of today. For the first time in festival history, through their success, IN FLAMES, MACHINE HEAD and TRIVIUM have grown through the ranks to now perform on the mainstage in rotating slots throughout the tour.


The JAGERMEISTER stage will feature UNEARTH, KINGDOM OF SORROW, RED FANG, and the winners of JAGERMEISTER Battle of the Bands. The Extreme Stage will spotlight SUICIDE SILENCE, ALL SHALL PERISH and STRAIGHT LINE STITCH.

The 4th annual ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL will also feature ROCKSTAR METAL MULISHA JUMP TEAM, the World’s Greatest Freestyle Motocross team.

Strap yourself in and hold on tight, cuz this ride goes reeeeeal fassst this summer,” exclaims GODSMACK vocalist Sully Erna. “Godsmack/Disturbed, Mayhem Festival!! Can’t Fu@?kin’ wait!!!

Mainstage guitarist Dan Donnegan of DISTURBED emotes, “DISTURBED is looking forward to being part of the biggest summer tour in the U.S. this year. It’s been years since we shared the stage with GODSMACK and we’ve been wanting to team up with them and join forces for a longtime. MEGADETH has been a big inspiration to us and we are looking forward to the other bands rounding out what seems to be a solid bill.

Also, mainstage performer MEGADETH’s lead guitarist and frontman Dave Mustaine adds, “This is going to be a helluva hot summer, and you can get ready for true Mayhem this year.”

MACHINE HEAD are thrilled to once again be a part of what has become the undisputed king of metal and rock festivals in the U.S., MAYHEM,” states MACHINE HEAD frontman and guitarist Robb Flynn. “Our run headlining the JAGERMEISTER stage in 2008 was one of the wildest and most inspiring tours we have ever been a part of. We became friends with so many great bands and Mulisha dudes. We all partied, and rode what would become an incredible wave of momentum for MACHINE HEAD. The vibe on the tour was filled with an impressive amount of goodwill due to the attention to detail and hard work of John Reese and Kevin Lyman. MACHINE HEAD will do everything in our power to make this f*&#ing huge!! Bring on the summer!

ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL attendees can enjoy a plethora of festival activities, including perusing vendors, attending autograph signing sessions and a slew of other interactive activities that enhance the concert experience. It’s a 10 hour trip to heavy nirvana.

Complete information on the 2011 ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL line-up is available at There fans can also check out exclusive video clips of official ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL correspondent, radio personality, author and scene icon, Full Metal Jackie introducing this year’s tour, plus a special appearance by one of this year’s mainstage performers!

7/9 – San Manuel Amphitheater – San Bernardino, CA (Los Angeles, CA)
7/10 – Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, CA (San Francisco, CA)
7/12 – White River Amphitheatre – Auburn, WA (Seattle, WA)
7/13 – Idaho Center Amphitheater – Nampa, ID (Boise, ID)
7/15 – Desert Sky Pavilion – Phoenix, AZ
7/16 – Hard Rock Casino Albuquerque Presents The Pavilion – Albuquerque, NM
7/17 – Comfort Dental Amphitheater – Englewood, CO (Denver, CO)
7/19 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Maryland Heights, MO (St. Louis, MO)
7/20 – Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, OH
7/22 – Comcast Center – Mansfield, MA (Boston, MA)
7/23 – Parc Jean-Drapeau – (Heavy MTL) – Montreal, QC /
7/24 – Comcast Theater – Hartford, CT
7/27 – PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ
7/29 – First Niagara Pavilion – Burgettstown, PA (Pittsburgh, PA)
7/30 – Jiffy Lube Live – Bristow, VA (Washington DC)
7/31 – Susquehanna Bank Center – Camden, NJ
8/2 – Virginia Beach Amphitheater – Virginia Beach, VA
8/3 – Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek – Raleigh, NC
8/5 – First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre – Tinley Park, IL (Chicago IL)
8/6 – DTE Energy Music Theatre – Clarkston, MI (Detroit, MI)
8/7 – Verizon Wireless Music Center – Noblesville, IN (Indianapolis, IN)
8/9 – Zoo Amphitheatre – Oklahoma City, OK
8/10 – Gexa Energy Pavilion – Dallas, TX
8/12 – Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood – Atlanta, GA
8/13 – 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre – Tampa, FL
8/14 – Cruzan Amphitheatre – West Palm Beach, FL


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TIMES OF GRACE (Killswitch Engage guitarist & former vocalist) to tour in February

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TIMES OF GRACE, the project that re-teams KILLSWITCH ENGAGE guitarist and producer extraordinaire Adam Dutkiewicz with original KsE vocalist Jesse Leach, are getting ready to take the show on the road for the very first time.

The band will embark on its inaugural tour, beginning February 1st in Baltimore, MD and wrapping up in their native Boston, MA on February 27th. STRAIGHT LINE STITCH and WAR OF AGES will round out the bill, making for an evening of eclectic hard rock and metal.

About the band’s debut tour, Leach said, “We are excited after all of these years to see Times Of Grace become a live band! We have a solid group of musicians on board and some killer bands in the works. This is shaping up to be a tour to be remembered, and the first that reunites Adam and I on one stage together again! I couldn’t be more pleased to present this band to the world.

Adam D. had a special message for the fans, saying, “Jesse and I are wicked excited to be able to bring our songs to fans live… FINALLY after all these years. We hope you all get a chance to check out the record and come sing along with us when we come to a town near you. Thanks to all of those who support this project, and we hope to see you all very soon!

Times Of Grace dates:
1 – Baltimore, MD – The Quarter
2 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade (downstairs)
4 – Dallas, TX – The Door
5 – Austin, TX – Emo’s
7 – Phoenix, AZ – The Nile
8 – Los Angeles, CA – Troubadour
9 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom of the Hill
11 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon
12 – Portland, OR – Hawthorne Ballroom
14 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex – Grand Room
15 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
17 – Minneapolis, MN – Station 4
18 – Chicago, IL – The Bottom Lounge
19 – Detroit, MI – Eagle Theater
20 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
21 – Toronto, ON – Mod Club
22 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
24 – West Chester, PA – The Note
25 – Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls
26 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
27 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club

Times Of Grace will release their debut, The Hymn Of A Broken Man, on January 18th, 2011
via Roadrunner Records.

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36 CRAZYFISTS announce new fall U.S. tour

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36 Crazyfists have revealed their plans to embark on US headlining tour. The tour, which finds the group supported by Straight Line Stitch and Taking Dawn, continues the group’s promotion of Collisions And Castaways, their recently released fifth studio album.

36 CRAZYFISTS dates:
September 16th Seattle, WA – El Corazon
September 17th Portland, OR – Peter’s Room
September 19th San Francisco, CA – Avalon Ballroom
September 20th Las Vegas, NV – The Farm
September 21st Los Angeles, CA – Whisky A Go-Go
September 24th Mesa, AZ – The Nile
September 25th Farmington, NM – Gator’s Bar And Grill
September 26th Lubbock, TX – Jake’s
September 28th San Antonio, TX – Scout Bar
September 29th Houston, TX – Scout Bar
October 02nd St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
October 03rd Jacksonville, FL – Brewsters
October 05th Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
October 06th Charleston, SC – The Oasis
October 07th Fayetteville, NC – Rock Shop
October 08th West Springfield, VA – Jaxx
October 09th Vineland, NJ – Hangar 84
October 10th Philadelphia, PA – Polaris
October 22nd Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
October 23rd Colorado Springs, CO – Black Shee

For more 36 CRAZYFISTS click here.

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36 CRAZYFISTS stream ‘Whitewater’ online and offer ‘Collisions and Castaways’ for pre-order

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36 CRAZYFISTS are gearing up for the release of their new FERRET MUSIC release, Collisions and Castaways, on July 27th, 2010. 36 CRAZYFISTS have also posted a brand new track from Collisions and Castaways entitled, ‘Whitewater’ on their MySpace page.

36 CRAZYFISTS is offering a pre-order of Collisions and Castaways, available here. The pre-order packages include your choice of an individual CD, a CD + exclusive pre-order shirt, or a CD + pre-order shirt and flag. All packages will include a signed booklet, only while supplies last.

36 CRAZYFISTS hope to launch their first headlining tour during this upcoming record cycle. Fans can currently witness 36 CRAZYFISTS on the road with FEAR FACTORY, AFTER THE BURIAL, DIVINE HERESY and more. Beginning July 28th, 36 CRAZYFISTS will be on the road with STRAIGHT LINE STITCH and DIRGE WITHIN. See below for all current tour dates:


7/21-Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s Concert Theatre
7/23-Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
7/25-New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
7/26-Towson, MD@ Recher Theatre
7/27-Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

7/28-Albany, NY @ Bogies
7/30-Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
7/31-Dayton, OH @ McGuffy’s House of Rock
8/1-Lake Station, IN @ Lake Station Eagles Club
8/3-Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
8/4-Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
8/6-Couer D’ Alene, ID @ The Grail Event Center
8/7-Olympia, WA @ The Vault

For more 36 CRAZYFISTS click here.

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36 CRAZYFISTS ‘Collisions and Castaways’ unleashed on July 27th

by on Jun.29, 2010, under news

36 CRAZYFISTS are pleased to name their first single from their new Ferret Music release, Collisions and Castaways, poised for release on July 27th of this year. The track will be available for purchase digitally starting today, across all digital providers, including iTunes. ‘Reviver’ has begun airing on Sirius XM Liquid Metal this week, and one listen is sure to bring back memories of 36 CRAZYFISTS tracks of the past, as well as turn the heads of new fans.
36 CRAZYFISTS is offering a pre-order of Collisions and Castaways, available here. The pre-order packages include your choice of an individual CD, a CD + exclusive pre-order shirt, or a CD + pre-order shirt and flag. All packages will include a signed booklet, only while supplies last.

Collisions and Castaways is a fierce, dark, crushing collection of eleven tracks that rip from the speaker like a runaway train. Arguably the band’s heaviest effort to date, it also happens to be a melodic affair and the kind of record 36 CRAZYFISTS and vocalist Brock Lindow have wanted to write ten years ago. “If this was the end of the band, this record is exactly what I wanted our band to do at one time,” states Lindow. “Maybe a lot of people will think we’re just metalcore, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a heavy record with some big choruses and everything we’ve been about for a long time with a cool metal feel to it that I’ve been wanting.”

7/7-West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
7/9- Portland, OR @ Roseland Theatre
7/10-Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
7/11 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
7/13-Calgary, AB @ Flames Central
7/14-Edmonton, AB @ The Starlite
7/15-Regina, SK @ Riddell Centre
7/16-Winnipeg, MB @ The Garrick
7/17-Maplewood, MN @ The Rock
7/19-Des Moines, IA @ People’s Court
7/20-Chicago, IL @ Metro
7/21-Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s Concert Theatre
7/23-Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
7/25-New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
7/26-Towson, MD@ Recher Theatre
7/27-Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

7/28-Albany, NY @ Bogies
7/30-Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
7/31-Dayton, OH @ McGuffy’s House of Rock
8/1-Lake Station, IN @ Lake Station Eagles Club
8/3-Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theatre
8/4-Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Vegas
8/6-Couer D’ Alene, ID @ The Grail Event Center
8/7-Olympia, WA @ The Vault

For more information on 36 Crazyfists visit their MySpace page here.

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