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by on Jan.28, 2011, under reviews

The Studio Sessions
8 of 10

Ever want to be a fly on the wall in the studio of your favorite band and hear how the album they just put out or your favorite song of theirs was written? Are you ever so OCD (yes, yes, like me) and love to hear half completed songs and demo versions of everything?

Well there are many bands out there that help you satisfy that need/desire by releasing demos on b-sides of singles (Metallica) or offering them to fan club members, and also as their own releases, along with unreleased ‘pre-signed’ songs.

Which brings us to TWISTED SISTER’s Club Daze Volume 1. A collection of songs recorded by the band before they were ever a ‘signed’ band and were still knocking around clubs and bars in New York and New Jersey just trying to find their sound. A couple of the song titles you’ll recognize right away as they were rerecorded and released on later albums, but most of these only appeared on overseas EPs and singles on the bands own ‘label’ TSR before they ever released their first official album Under The Blade.

Considering the band was transitioning from glam to a harder sound throughout the time these songs were recorded, it is still distinctively Twisted Sister and a shame that more of the songs weren’t rerecorded later, flushed out, and properly released.

The songs range from rockabilly/punk (TV Wife, Can’t Stand Still) feel, to the harder metal edged (Rock N Roll Saviors, Shoot Em Down). The stand outs to me being Pay The Price and Come Back which could have sat right beside any cut off of their Stay Hungry or You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll.

There is no polishing here, no proper mastering or mixing, which is exactly what the tracks deserve. I mean that as a compliment, the sound is raw, the songs are raw, and so the finished product should remain as such!

You want to hear where TWISTED SISTER came from? How their sound evolved (and then de-evolved back to the rockabilly/punk sound of Come out and Play)? This is a great place to start.

To purchase TWISTED SISTER Club Daze Volume 1 click here.
For more TWISTED SISTER click here.

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DVD Review: TWISTED SISTER Live At Wacken The Reunion

by on Nov.01, 2010, under reviews

TWISTER SISTERLive At Wacken The Reunion
Eagle Vision
9 out of 10

In 2003 Twisted Sister headlined the Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany after reforming 5 years earlier. Eagle Eagle Vision has released the concert on DVD with a companion CD that has cuts from shows as far back as 1980. The DVD/CD combo was originally released in 2005 but was rereleased last week by Eagle Vision.

Interspersed between the songs on the DVD (The Kids Are Back, Stay Hungry, You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll, We’re Not Gonna Take It, Burn In Hell and many more), are interviews that document the initial break up of Twisted Sister in 1987, the reunion, their USO tour of South Korea, and reflections from the beginning of the band through the present.

I remember the first time MTV played the infamous Twisted Sister concert from the Stay Hungry Tour in the early 80’s. 5 guys in drag and make up playing balls out rock n roll. It was a sight and sound to behold. I of course went right out the next day and purchased You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll and Stay Hungry.

20 years later Dee Snider (lead singer) is almost wearing the same exact costume as that first MTV concert. The rest of the band is half in/half out of costume and make up. Which is somewhat of a blessing, as the last 20 years haven’t improved the looks of one of the self proclaimed ugliest bands in Rock N Roll. The important part of this DVD is that the band is back together, and still rocking the fuck out. Dee’s voice may be a bit more gravely 20 + years later, but it still holds up, still has balls, and he can still nail it note for note. He may look like a 60 year old drag queen, but his voice reminds you just how good of a front man he is without the costume and makeup. As he states in the interview, he and Twisted Sister represents real pissed off in your face fuck you music. Sure the stage attire gets your attention but it is the music that still kicks ass, still rocks, and still holds up!

The setlist from Wacken covers the highlights of Twisted Sister’s career and the interviews cover the breakup of the band through the various reunions and get togethers from political fund raising to 9/11 benefits, to the full fledged reunion.

The one reason I gave the package a 9 out of 10 is because I feel if you are going to release a concert video, release the concert video as a whole. Lately I’ve seen several concert videos where they cut away from the concert to show other interviews, back stage antics, whatever. Nothing ruins the vibe of watching a good concert than cutting away to interviews or anything OTHER than the concert itself.

I’m a music geek, I’ll watch all the bonus crap you put on the disc. And if you’re a casual fan, you STILL buy the disc for the concert, and even if you don’t watch the bonus material, you have purchased the disc. Why ruin the vibe the band created while performing by cutting away to interviews? Let the concert play!

Still certainly worth picking up if you are a Twisted Sister fan. It’s a good show that covers all their best material. Now if Twisted Sister and or MTV or ANYONE would put out that early 80’s concert on DVD. THAT would some SMF stuff there. I know Twisted Sister offered it up as a limited edition bonus disc with their new album last year, but it was for one day only, and my local stores didn’t carry it.

Go pick up Twisted Sister Live At Wacken The Reunion and remember why Twisted Sister were targeted by the PMRC, and why twenty odd years later, You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll! You’ll thank me later.

To purchase Twisted Sister Live At Wacken The Reunion click here.
For more Twisted Sister click here.

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