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FORBIDDEN embark on first tour in 15 years

by on Nov.12, 2010, under news

Reactivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers FORBIDDEN are set to embark on their first tour in 15 years, this time as direct support to Overkill! Immediately proceeding the trek the band will continue on their own headlining tour with Evile, Gamma Bomb, and Bonded By Blood.

It’s been 15 years since FORBIDDEN has actually toured in North America,“ commented an enthusiastic Craig Locicero. “That blows my fucking mind to say it! The funny thing is that even when we did tour here, we never properly did it. It was always a very short cycle with little or no support from the labels. Well, times have changed and so has FORBIDDEN‘s situation. With Nuclear Blast having our backs and properly promoting and supporting Omega Wave, I feel a sense of hope for this band that we have never felt before. Strange feeling, really. But we will take it.
Our goal is to get better every night and eventually become the live band that we never got to be. That takes dedication and a lot of hard work. We’re digging in commiting to just that.
We hope our fans will appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. See you all on the road soon!

11/11/10 Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
11/13/10 Club Firestone – Orlando, FL
11/14/10 Culture Room – Ft Lauderdale, FL
11/15/10 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
11/16/10 Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
11/17/10 Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH
11/18/10 Diesel Nightclub – Pittsburgh, PA
11/19/10 Rocko’s – Manchester, NH
11/20/10 Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ

11/22/10 Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC – CANADA
11/23/10 MOD Club – Toronto, ON – CANADA
11/24/10 Blondies – Detroit, MI
11/26/10 Phoenix Hill Tavern – Louisville, KY
11/27/10 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
11/28/10 The Rave – Milwaukee, WI
11/29/10 Station 4 – St Paul, MN
12/01/10 Scout Bar – San Antonio, TX
12/02/10 Emo’s – Austin, TX
12/03/10 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
12/06/10 The Rock – Tucson, AZ
12/07/10 U.B.’s – Mesa, AZ
12/08/10 Whiskey a Go Go – Hollywood, CA
12/09/10 Ramona Mainstage – Ramona, CA
12/10/10 New Oasis – Sparks, NV
12/11/10 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA

For more FORBIDDEN click here.

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MOSH POTATOES – Recipes, Anecdotes & Mayhem From The Heavyweights Of Heavy Metal

by on Oct.24, 2010, under news

Music Industry veteran and metal musician Steve “Buckshot” Seabury brings you “Mosh Potatoes – Recipes, Anecdotes & Mayhem From The Heavyweights Of Heavy Metal“. Almost 5 years in the making, Simon & Schuster the publisher, has moved the street date from November 30th to November 16th due to the heavy anticipation of the release. The book is now available for pre order online and will be available all of book stores, your favorite record stores and many mail order companies.

Seabury has set up a charity for the artist proceeds from each sale of the book to benefit The Meals on Wheels Charity. “This organization is very dear to my heart because it provides for so many great people, people like my own grandma. For the metal community to stand together and help these elderly people experiencing financial stress is a true blessing in my eyes.The Meals on Wheels Charity provides a great service by delivering over a million meals a day to senior citizens who are experiencing economic hardships or disabilities and cant afford to buy food.

Mosh Potatoes features 147 exciting recipes from legendary icons like Lemmy, Zakk Wylde and Lita Ford to the thrash titans of Pantera, Megadeth, Testament, Overkill and Anthrax to the hair metal bands of Guns & Roses, Dokken, LA Guns, Steel Panther, Twisted Sister to the mayhem of metal including Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed and Devildriver to death metal pioneers of Napalm Death, Obituary, Death and Sepultura and the book wouldnt be complete without the future of the new school like Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Lazarus AD, Evile and Moth Eater.

If you live for metal and like amazing food then you will without a doubt love Mosh Potatoes. So put the beers on ice, fire up the grill and Cook Out With Your Book Out!!!

To pre-order MOSH POTATOES click here.

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EARLY MAN announce line up change

by on Oct.08, 2010, under news

EARLY MAN checks in from the road currently on tour with EVILE and BONDED BY BLOOD with the following band member changes:

Hello shredders! I hope you’re all well.
I’m writing to you from a classy Holiday Inn in the always exciting city of Newport News, Virginia. We are currently 1 week into our US tour with EVILE and BONDED BY BLOOD. I haven’t had a chance to get to a computer until now so here’s a much needed update for you.
It’s been a crazy few weeks to say the least. About 5 days before this tour started I made the decision to part ways with Adam, our drummer of the past 7 years. A plethora of things were taken into consideration before making this difficult decision but as the leader and founding member of the band it is my responsibility to make decisions based on what I feel is best for myself and the band in both the short term and long term. I wish Adam the best in the future and have some fond memories of his time spent in the band.
That being said, my number one interest as always is to take Early Man to the next level, and that process continues. Early Man has been my musical creative outlet for nearly 15 years, the band is essentially an extension of me. As always, the creative vision and everything that the band has been about since it’s inception continues to be steered by me and remains unchanged. There have been numerous musicians involved with the band over the years and there will be more in the future and I appreciate the time spent with all of them. For me, the beat goes on. I’ve already recently turned my attention to writing songs for the next Early Man record and am eagerly looking towards the future with new found interest.
Speaking of time, I realize parting ways with a band member 5 days before the start of a US tour is far from ideal, but it is what it is. We’ll soon have another permanent drummer.
In the meantime and in order to salvage this tour, I found a drummer through a good friend by the name of Jabari Parker in Los Angeles who learned 6 of our songs in one day, something that I would’ve thought was impossible when I started spreading the word that I was looking for a fill in for this tour. Rather than cancelling any dates, I practiced with Pete (our other guitarist) and the new drummer for about 5 hours and then we got into a van and drove 24 straight hours to Tulsa Oklahoma to start our current tour.
We played 4 shows without a bass player and then we picked up an old friend of mine in Austin Texas who is the guitarist and singer of a band called Lions of Tsavo to play bass. Although it’s been a whirlwind of insanity, we are having a fucking blast! I honesty haven’t laughed this much in years. I can’t remember a time in the recent past where I was having this much fun on a tour, something that has been missing in the band at least for me for many years now. Everyone from the fans to the bands have been such a huge support and they’ve made it easy to keep the fire burning. So if we’re hitting your city over the next few weeks, come out and say hello, share a drink and bang your head.
I apologize for the fact that we are playing an abbreviated set (6-8 songs a night) but the important thing is we’re making it happen and to be honest, it sounds pretty goddamn amazing given the circumstances, which attests to the talent and ability of the the fill in drummer and bassist.

Listed below are our remaining tour dates for this tour, along with our January/February 2011 US Tour with Death Angel. Thanks again for all of the support, we’ll see you out there!

October (with Evile, Bonded By Blood)
7 – Sonar – Baltimore, MD
8 – Championship Bar and Grill – Trenton, NJ
9 – Rocko’s Rock Club – Manchester, NH
10 – Europa – Brooklyn, NY
12 – Sneaky Dee’s – Toronto, ON
13 – Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY
14 – Peabody’s -Cleveland, OH
15 – Blondies – Detroit, MI
16 – Mad Planet – Milwaukee, WI
17 – Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
18 – The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
19 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
20 – Club Vegas – Salt Lake City, UT
22 – Dante’s – Portland, OR
23 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA (with GAMA BOMB)

January (with Death Angel, Lazarus A.D., Bonded By Blood, Hexen)
30 – Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
31 – The Cabsbah – Charlotte, NC

February (with Death Angel, Lazarus A.D., Bonded By Blood, Hexen)
1 – Jaxx – W. Springfield, VA
2 – Crazy Donkey – Farmingdale, NY
3 – Rocko’s – Manchester, NH
4 – Club Hell – Providence, RI
5 – Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
6 – Mod Club – Toronto, ON
7 – Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
8 – Blondie’s – Detroit, MI
9 – Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
10 – Phoenix Hill Tavern – Louisville, KY
11 – Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
12 – Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
13 – Numbers – Houston, TX (+ D.R.I.)
14 – Emo’s – Austin, TX (+ D.R.I.)
15 – White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX (+ D.R.I.)
16 – Rail Club – Ft. Worth, TX
18 – Club DV8 – Tucson, AZ
19 – Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
20 – Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
21 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
22 – The Key Club – Hollywood, CA
23 – Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
24 – The Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
25 – Lost on Main – Chico, CA
26 – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA

For more EARLY MAN click here.

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FORBIDDEN debut artwork and tracklisting for Omega Wave

by on Sep.07, 2010, under news

Reactivated San Francisco Bay Area thrashers FORBIDDEN have debuted the artwork to their new studio album, Omega Wave, on their official MySpace page.

FORBIDDEN guitarist / songwriter Craig Locicero checks in about his collaborative process with artist Kent Mathieu, the visual elements that can be found in the album’s artwork, and his concern for the future of the human race:

As soon as FORBIDDEN committed to writing a new record, I wondered where Kent Mathieu was. I’d always felt like Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form were pretty iconic album covers… when things like that actually seemed to matter.
“Then, the good people at Nuclear Blast actually located Kent! I got pretty excited and reached out to him immediately. He was equally excited to hear from us, too. The only real direction I gave Kent was to somehow tie the past into the future. Find a way to make the two skulls [from Forbidden Evil’s artwork] vital again. He had worked up about 12 sketches all kinds of variously cool stuff. Out of all of the pictures he sent me, I liked the way one of them was laid out because of it’s simplicity. After thinking about it for a long while, I had a concept for Kent to work with. The Omega Wave concept. The title wasn’t decided until I had a good idea for the cover.
“I don’t want to over-explain the actual picture because there is enough symbolism for everyone to interpret everything differently. That is always a plus, in my book. What I can tell you is that the skull in the center is based upon the crystal skull of Belize. This skull was found at some of the pyramid ruins in two perfect pieces, jawbone and upper cranium. It was always quite a mystery, but some years later Hewlett Packard scientists did extensive tests on the skull and found many anomalies.
“One of them was that there is no way, even with our most modern technology, that we could cut into the crystal the way this skull was formed. It would shatter with any instrument we have available, even today. Another thing was the fact that no matter what temperature the skull was placed in, the skull’s temperature would stay almost exactly the same. Scientists even believe the skull holds information that they could not tap into, like a giant computer chip with an impenetrable code.
“So I got to thinking: Does this skull – and the other ones found throughout the most ancient places on Earth – hold something that we would need to know to possibly save ourselves? This is not an entirely new concept, but it hit me pretty hard. What could we learn about ourselves that may save us at this all-important juncture for the human race?
“It seems as if we’ve reached our Omega stage as a civilization. Meaning, we as people seem to be in a hurry to reach some sort of ending… possibly all self-manifested by accepting some sort of pre-determined fate. Or possibly just pawns in a game that was played out before and will be repeated again and again in other times and dimensions. So Omega Wave is part science fact and part from my imagination.
Kent Mathieu is a artistic genius who created something that respects this concept, as well as FORBIDDEN’s past, present and future! All of this with one very strong hand-painted picture. That’s right, no computer manipulation whatsoever. Something else we can all be proud of! We hope you approve.

Omega Wave, FORBIDDEN’s fifth studio album after a 13-year recording hiatus, will be released in Europe on October 22nd and on October 26th in North America. It was recorded at Sonic Room/Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, California, produced by FORBIDDEN guitarist / songwriter Craig Locicero with Tim Narducci, and mixed by Sean Beavan (Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails).

FORBIDDEN 2010 features Russ Anderson on vocals, Craig Locicero on guitar, Steve Smyth on guitar, Matt Camacho on bass and Mark Hernandez on drums.

Song titles on Omega Wave include:
•Alpha Century
•Forsaken At The Gates
•Immortal Wounds
•Adapt Or Die
•Inhuman Race
•Behind The Mask
•Dragging My Casket
•Omega Wave

FORBIDDEN are confirmed for January 2011’s 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise and will tour the U.S. this November supporting Overkill with Evile, Gamma Bomb, and Bonded By Blood.

FORBIDDEN will go on to headline their own tour with Evile, Gamma Bomb, and Bonded By Blood from November 22nd – December 11th. VIP tickets for pre-show Meet & Greet sessions with the band are now on sale at VIP ticket buyers will also receive a customized poster signed by the band.

Hear two FORBIDDEN demo tracks, “Adapt Or Die” and “Hopenosis,” and the entire Green album here.

For more FORBIDDEN click here.

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EARLY MAN announce fall tour for ‘Death Potion’

by on Jul.12, 2010, under news

EARLY MAN have announced a headlining fall tour in support of their sophomore full-length release, Death Potion, which will be released July 20th via The End Records. The Death Potion Tour begins September 20th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and ends October 23rd in Seattle with EVILE and BONDED BY BLOOD opening all dates. A special ticket pre-sale for fans begins today exclusively through and tickets will be available to the general public beginning July 17th.

The Los Angeles and Brooklyn-based band will also be performing a handful of dates in the western US over the summer, including a record release show on Monday, July 19th at The Whisky in Los Angeles where they’ll be opening for WARBRINGER.

EARLY MAN dates:
Jul 17 2010 Ramona Mainstage Ramona, California
Jul 19 2010 Whiskey w/Warbringer West Hollywood, CA
Jul 23 2010 Cheyenne Saloon Las Vegas, NV
Aug 1 2010 Chain Reaction Anaheim, California
Sep 28 2010 THE ROCK w/Katatonia Tucson, Arizona
Sep 30 2010 Marquee w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Tulsa, OK
Oct 1 2010 Walters on Washington w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Houston, TX
Oct 2 2010 White Rabbit w/Evile and Bonded By Blood San Antonio, TX
Oct 3 2010 Emo’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Austin, TX
Oct 4 2010 Ridglea Theater w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Fort Worth, TX
Oct 5 2010 The Muse w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Nashville, TN
Oct 6 2010 Budda’s Place w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Newport News, VA
Oct 7 2010 Sonar w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Baltimore, MD
Oct 8 2010 Championship Bar & Grill w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Trenton, NJ
Oct 9 2010 Rocko’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Manchester, NH
Oct 10 2010 Europa w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Brooklyn, NY
Oct 12 2010 Sneaky Dee’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Oct 13 2010 Broadway Joe’sn w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Buffalo, New York
Oct 14 2010 Peabody’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Cleveland, OH
Oct 15 2010 Blondie’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Detroit, MI
Oct 16 2010 Mad Planet w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Milwaukee, WI
Oct 17 2010 Reggie’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Chicago, IL
Oct 18 2010 Riot Room w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Kansas City, MO
Oct 19 2010 Larimer Lounge w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Denver, CO
Oct 20 2010 Club Vegas w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Salt Lake City, UTAH
Oct 22 2010 Dante’s w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Portland, OR
Oct 23 2010 El Corazon w/Evile and Bonded By Blood Seattle, WA

Early Man released their debut album, Closing In, in 2005 and then released Beware The Circling Fin EP in 2008. The trio, along with bassist Tim Ramage, has toured extensively for the past three years with such acts as ICED EARTH, SKELETONWITCH, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and HIGH ON FIRE, among others.

Anyone that has liked us live in the past few years is going to be psyched on Death Potion,” said drummer Adam Bennati. “People are saying the songs are heavier and faster, but I think you’re going to have to just check-it-out yourself. I can’t wait for people to hear this record. I think it’s gonna blow your fu#kin socks off!”

Death Potion tracklisting:
‘Death Potion’
‘Brainwash At Birth’
‘Someone Else’s Nightmare’
‘Nine Riders’
‘Unseen Tormentor’
‘Through Chemtrails’
‘The Undertaker Is Calling You’
‘I Am The Child Of Evil’
‘By The Serpents Breath You Seeth’
‘Six Mothers Of The War God’

For more EARLY MAN click here.

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