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Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons, and Dave Mustaine are all racing to become the biggest asshole in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. But today… Thanks to his post on his official Facebook page, TED NUGENT has become and forever will remain the biggest irresponsible and dangerous douche bag in music.
They’ve all said some pretty serious shitty things over the past few years, always one upping each other whether they meant to or not. But TED NUGENT had finally taken the cake with this one.

ted nugentHere is his post from his official Facebook Page:
9-11-14 is the day of infamy again. Unarmed & helpless Americans and Europeans will be viciously ambushed when they least expect it, and the death toll will be more brutal and widespread than all the peace & love dreamers could ever imagine. Those who carry guns had better gun & ammo up no matter where you go, carrying at least 10 spare mags or 10 spare speedloaders because the allahpukes are confident they will once again methodically slaughter walking cowering whining cryin helpless sitting ducks capable of zero resistance. To gullible naive embarrassing ill prepared targets, there is still time to firepower up ASAP. Head for cover but retain an attentiveness in order to identify the evildoers and dbl tap center mass, then two to the head. Then take cover and prepare your next evasive escape, taking dwn known jihadists to the best of your ability, Aim small miss small center mass & headshots, This is going to be the real deal & absolutely survivable against these 4th world allahpuke zombies. STAND! Go heavy, Only assholes are outgunned, Dont be outgunned or out ammo’d. Goodluck. Be safe, Shoot straight & OFTEN, Godspeed, killemall

Uncle Ted‘ has lost his fucking mind for real this time.

Tell me Ted, What is the family in Texas who is ‘gunned up 12 deep‘ going to do about a bomb planted in Washington Square?
What is the Vietnam Vet who has all the fully loaded full metal jacket magazines money can buy going to do about the car bomb driven into LAX?
What good is your ‘warning/prediction‘ going to do other than stir up a bunch of already wound too tight and think too little xenophobes?
Let’s hope that your warning doesn’t spark someone to walk into a mosque and ‘identify the evil doing allahpukes… and dbl tap center mass, and two to the head‘.
Your diatribe is ignorant, hatefilled, and dangerous.
Good luck to you, be safe, and pray that your words don’t get innocent people killed because you told them to ‘shoot straight & OFTEN.‘ and to ‘killemall‘.

The Winery Dogs-Album Cover


The Winery Dogs


The Winery Dogs


Loud & Proud Records


Rating: 11 out of 10


Release Date: 7/23/13

Yes, you did read that right, 11 out of 10, we broke the scale on this one!  The word triumvirate is often defined as a “rule of three”, in this case it’s “three that rule”.  Guitarist and vocalist Ritchie Kotzen (Mr. Big/Poison), bassist Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), and drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater/Avenged Sevenfold) have long been considered three of the finest at their respective crafts, so it’s no surprise that when their talents collide we are left with nothing less than an Album of the Year contender.

From the opening riff of “Elevate”, you realize that this is going to be one of those albums where one can’t help but “feel” the music.  A blues rooted rocker with a hint of Nugent-meets-Wolfmother, this opening track is just a pre-cursor of what’s to come.  From “Desire” to “The Other Side” to “Regret”, the entire album is riddled with screaming, yet soulful guitar, pulse-pounding drums, killer vocals,  and bass lines that would make Geddy Lee blush!

With such a great collection of musical genius, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  There are, however, some highlights that cannot go unmentioned.  One such highlight is “The Other Side”, which begins with Portnoy’s drums launching into a finger bleeding bass line from Sheehan, climaxing with Kotzen’s guitar solo, at which point he releases inner Eddie Van Halen.  

Kotzen then takes that same style and melds it into “One More Time”.  Yet another reminder that these guys are a force to be reckoned with, this track bears hints of Eric Johnson meets Van Halen’s “Eruption”. On the track “Six Feet Deeper” Portnoy’s drumming channels the spirit of the late, great, John Bonham. “Damaged” and “Not Hopeless” are two more favorites of mine that highlight just how much Kotzen’s voice sounds like that of one of rock’s greatest voices, Chris Cornell.

Perhaps the coolest song on the album is “Time Machine”.  This track has a conceptual feel to it, in that it begins sounding very much like a modern day Alice In Chains tune, and transforms as we travel time, into some good old fashioned 80’s guitar power rock!  Last, but certainly not least, the album culminates with “Regret”; a true blues based rock track that summons the air guitar and serves as a reminder that “blues gave birth to rock ‘n roll”, making our only regret not pressing the “Repeat All” button.

Every album has one or two band members on it that truly stand out, but The Winery Dogs smash that theory to pieces with their debut album.  If you love blues-based power rock, July 23rd should be like Christmas morning for audiophiles everywhere.  Hands down, the best album of 2013!!!

What are you waiting for??? Click here to pre-order The Winery Dogs debut album, and find out when they’ll be coming to your town to blow your mind in person!

Styx Photo shoot with Ash Newellreo2013nugent2013July 9, 2013 — The April/May “The Midwest Rock ‘N Roll Express” tour with STYX, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent was successful in more ways than one. STYX and REO Speedwagon’s Rock to the Rescue charity organization not only raised thousands of dollars for local charities at each tour stop, but they also raised $108,000 which will go directly to the Boston One Fund, helping victims of the Boston marathon bombings.

Donations were collected along the 21-date trek when fans purchased a silent raffle ticket to win a guitar signed by all three acts.

“Like all Americans, we have watched the events in Boston and wondered what we could do to help. We know the fans of all three bands will once again rise with us to help our friends in Boston. We Are Boston!”STYX

“We feel such sadness for those innocent people in Boston who have suffered so much and are still suffering now. We think of those victims of senseless violence as we sign the guitar which is to be donated on their behalf each night. In our small way, we do what we do.”REO Speedwagon

“The Nugent band and family are surrounded by Americans who care deeply about each other and are dedicated to give all we got in times of need. We again face a tragedy that we can all help with, and are proud of this charitable heart and soul effort.” Ted Nugent

Spearheaded by Tommy Shaw’s daughter, Hannah Shaw, Rock to the Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to build strong, healthy communities through the support of grassroots organizations across the country. As of last year, at every STYX tour date Rock to the Rescue partners with a local group to give back through community outreach, fundraising, and volunteer support.

Rock to the Rescue originally started in 2001 as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and is the brainchild of STYX singer/guitarist Tommy Shaw and REO Speedwagon singer/keyboardist/guitarist Kevin Cronin. The two musicians brought together bands and artists such as Bad Company, Journey, Survivor, Kansas, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many others to be part of “Volunteers For America” concert events in Dallas and Atlanta that ultimately raised over $775,000 for victims of 9/11, as well as the Port Authority police department in New York City. For more info: www.rocktotherescue.net and www.facebook.com/rocktotherescue.

Filter-Sun Comes Out Promo Photo


For every art form there are “rules”, for every “rule” there are exceptions.  Richard Patrick has been making such exceptions, and defying convention for 20 plus years now.  Given the tremendous success he has achieved with his band, Filter, it came as no surprise that my interview with he and his guitarist Jonny Radtke was nothing less than extraordinary.

One of the first things every good journalist is taught is to always control the interview.  There are, however, rare occasions where brilliance comes to life by simply listening, and enjoying the rants of a charismatic individual.  I invite you to sit back and relax, and enjoy one of the most unconventional, yet enjoyable conversations with rock n roll royalty as we talk about everything from addiction, to a-dickhead, who nearly killed Patrick’s wife.

AWAY-TEAM: First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate you on the release of the new album, The Sun Comes Out Tonight, which hits stores June 4th.  It’s a great record, I’ve been listening to it non-stop for about a week and a half now, if that tells you anything…



AWAY-TEAM:  I’m really impressed with it!  Now, I understand this album was originally intended to be released independently, under the title “Gurney & The Burning Books”?…

RICHARD PATRICK:  That was always a working title…

JONNY RADTKE:  I mean we didn’t know, we were…

RICHARD PATRICK:  I told the guy like three times.  I was like, ‘This is a working title.’  And he went ‘Oh Burning Books, and da-da’  I was like ‘It’s not really gonna be called Burning Books’

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs)

JONNY RADTKE:  We were in between tours, when we were initially writing stuff, and we had a few demos under our belt, and at that time it was still premature.  We didn’t know where we were gonna be, like as far as what label we were gonna go with, or whatever.  So it was sort of just us kinda having the freedom to do whatever we wanted, and that interview, the guy just sort of kinda ran with it.  It was just a working title.  Obviously when we went into the studio for real, and we were signed by Wind-Up Records, we had obviously a direction we were headed in.  Something that we kept in mind throughout the recording process.

AWAY-TEAM:  So, I mean is that true?  Were you intending to release it independently, and then something came up with Wind-Up?  How did that come about?

JONNY RADTKE: I mean, we didn’t know…

RICHARD PATRICK:  I think Wind-Up was looking  for a signing.  Gregg Wattenberg (Wind-Up Co-Owner) has always been a huge fan of my voice… I think they were already pretty… no, we got signed before we wrote “What Do You Say”.  We started emailing Gregg Wattenberg, and he had met us once, and said ‘I wanna sign you guys, but I want you to write the fucking rock hit, that like we’ve all been waiting for!’  And it was like ‘Okay’, and we just kinda listened to “Hey Man, Nice Shot” and Short Bus in general.  Then Jonny and I sat there with Bob Marlette and pumped out five different parts that we loved, and as they were putting it together in the computer doing drums and stuff, I just started hearing  ‘Hey, What do you say’.  We sent that to the label, and they were like ‘Great!  Go in, finish the record.  We’d love more hits, but you’ve got your first single, we’ll get this off the ground and, if we have to we’ll just release the single, and you guys can finish the record at your leisure.’  And then they were like ‘No. Finish it, and put on as many radio singles as you can.’  So for us, it was like ‘Okay, let’s make it catchy.’  You know, like “Self-Inflicted” is the other one where we intended to sit down and make something that was…

JONNY RADTKE:  The huge impact.

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, and the “Hey Man, Nice Shot” big chorus, smaller verse, ya know.

AWAY-TEAM:  That kind of answered one of the questions I was gonna get into.  Ya know, a lot of guys will go into the studio with something in mind like, ya know, this is gonna be the heaviest record I’ve ever made or…


AWAY-TEAM:  And I noticed that, it shows that you went back and listened to Short Bus, and some of the older stuff.

Richard Patrick-Filter

Richard Patrick-Filter

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah. Also, Gregg Wattenberg said ‘We need super fucking angry, heavy Filter!  We need that. That’s what the label needs, that’s what your audience wants.  That’s what Filter needs!’  So I was finally… cuz Bob Marlette is a great producer, and I’m not gonna say anything bad about him.  It was kinda like, I want fucking heavy man, I want heavy shit!  I was kinda saying that even on The Trouble With Angels, and we always had this bright shiny, glisteney chorus, and I just remember thinking to myself  ‘I wanna fucking scream my ass off!’  The only song we came close to on that, was “The Inevitable Relapse”.  So this was like, ‘Fuck it! Great! Let’s scream a bunch of different choruses on the record, let’s have that screamed out, aggressive sound that everyone wants!’  That left us with a lot of room for “Surprise”, and “First You Break It”, “It’s My Time”, and “It’s Just You”.  Then there were others like “We Hate It When You Get What You Wanted” that’s straight up industrial.

AWAY-TEAM:  Right.  Jonny, I know you’ve been a friend of Rich’s for a while now, but what was it like actually stepping into the studio for the first time with, not only Richard, but a legend in his own right in Bob Marlette?

JONNY RADTKE:  It was amazing! It was an amazing experience, we started working on stuff before we went into the studio, and it just felt effortless.  We both have the same influences, and we both know where we wanna go as far as songwriting, and what we like and think is cool, and we compliment each other very well.  But at the same time it’s surreal sitting next to the dude looking at me, and kinda like ‘Fuck yeah, we’re working on something together’  It’s awesome, it’s amazing!  And then, I’ve always known of Bob, and it was my first time working with him, and it was the same thing.  The guy just shared our vision, ya know?  He understood the kind of album that we needed to make.  We bounced a lot of ideas off each other, we were around each other every day, and all the creative juices were flowing.  Sometimes you get three people in a room together that… Rich and Bob are accomplished songwriters, and myself; there could be a lot of ego, there could be alot of disagreement, but that wasn’t the case.  We were, Rich and I were always on the same page.

RICHARD PATRICK:  Bob and I are old enough that we can’t tolerate; we’ve had other people that we’ve worked with and stuff, and it was just like ‘Man this isn’t working.’  Jonny is the kind of guy where he grew up listening to either bands that I’ve respected, or bands that I’m from, or bands that I was currently in and he always kind of respected that.  Plus he’s got all the other stuff that I like, that he likes; you know A Perfect Circle, Tool, Pantera, Deftones, Ministry, and he comes from Chicago so there’s the entire scene that was going on there.  So, ya know, it either works or it doesn’t, and in this case it was like ‘Hey dude, let’s make this, let’s do that’ and I was like ‘Yeah that’s great!’ and the songs wrote themselves.  When it feels like it’s effortless, that’s when you gotta kinda just back up and just…  He’s the only person I made a deal with BEFORE we went into the studio.  We had already messed around with some songs, and I was like ‘When this record comes out, this is exactly what you’re getting.  This is it.’  The ownership of the song is perfectly split.  It’s not ‘I’m 60, you’re 40′.  It’s not, ya know…

AWAY-TEAM:  Right, right.  It’s your song, it’s not YOUR song.


RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah.  And having said that, here I am singing the vocals, and it’s like ‘Hey, what do you think of this melody?’ (changes voice) ‘Hey maybe try that’  So all of a sudden, it’s just a common good of the best idea wins, and there’s no ego, and it’s all been set in stone.  There was nothing to gain from being the guy that wrote the melody and the lyrics, because I’m not going for 50 percent, I’m just going for the common good of the song.  So, a lot of stuff like that.  Everything is easy, instead of just me. (There’s a knock at the door, and in comes catering with a platter)

AWAY-TEAM:  Rich, you’ve been sober for ten years now, which I wanna congratulate you on…

RICHARD PATRICK:  Oh, thank you man!

AWAY-TEAM:  … I know you’ve had songs in the past that have dealt with addiction issues, “This Finger’s For You”  seems like it may be another one, is that true?  What was the inspiration behind that song?

RICHARD PATRICK:  Umm, that was one of those random kind of songs where it was like I’m upset.  I don’t know exactly what started it, but ‘I can’t drink gin. I can’t do some of that.’  I can’t fall back into the old person that I used to be.  The drug years, the alcoholic, drug years I call the “Gonzo Years” where I was literally in a Hunter S. Thompson phase of my life.  I was trying to press the boundary of mind-altering substances to the point where, ya know, I’m in the middle of “Welcome to the Fold” and the bridge was 17 minutes long as it was.  I’m sitting there going ‘Mama gimme my medicine’, and I’m peaking on mushrooms, and I’m trying to describe being a little kid being held up by this giant tree that is my mom, and just freestyling into this weird shit.  Trying to capture what it’s like being on just a ton of drugs, in the same way that Dr. Hunter S. Thompson would for any of his books, or any of his reporting.  But eventually, you end up not really learning anything, you’ve learned everything and now you’re just a drug addict.  So as soon as I started feeling like that I pulled out.  And I use the drug years as fodder for so many amazing songs.  “The Sun Comes Out Tonight” is about being a “falling through the cracks” type of kid.  Good person, but had nothing to do, couldn’t afford anything, I could afford some cheap drugs, and I could walk around the City of Cleveland, Ohio on acid and break into abandoned buildings, and have a look on the city that no one else would have because everybody else is in a club, or in a home, or a movie, or bar or whatever.  So, ya know, I’m really proud that I went through that phase because; and then once you get really addicted to drugs and alcohol, then all of a sudden that’s a personal battle, and you gotta fight out of that somehow.  It takes a couple years, and then you’re finally grateful that ‘Wow, I can’t believe how much I learned!’ 


RICHARD PATRICK: A lot of stuff right there. (laughs)

AWAY-TEAM:  Amazing stuff! (all laugh)  You mentioned “Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight”, you’ve always been one to sort of defy convention, and I know you did this on The Trouble With Angels, you actually use a bit of vocal effects on that…


AWAY-TEAM:  …which I’m normally not a big fan of, but your voice lends itself so well to it; not to mention that we all know you can sing your ass off without it…

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, that’s a vocoder.  Rick James did a lot of that stuff.

JONNY RADTKE:  It’s basically your voice coming through a keyboard.

AWAY-TEAM:  Yeah, like a synthesized voice.

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, it’s totally an effect, and see that’s the thing.  The first entire record was all programmed drums, on purpose, ya know fingers out (extends both middle fingers).  We don’t need a neve console, we need this fucking computer and we’re gonna make it work.  And then we’re gonna run it through a neve console, and mix it, and that was the idea.  We were just literally leaving Nine Inch Nails, and before when Trent and I were working together in Nine Inch Nails we were listening to bands like Ministry and Skinny Puppy.  I was never gonna be in a rock band again with like, the regular format.  Because once you experience all the different crazy sounds you can make on a computer, you gotta take that.  Now “The Inevitable Relapse”, I took a lot of shit for that, apparently I’m allowed to use drum machines, but I’m not allowed to use an obvious effect.  Because the song is about going to the club to score, and then the “relapse” is “Drink it, Drink it, Snort it, Smoke it.”  I took a lot of shit for that, and undeservedly so.

AWAY-TEAM:  I’d have to agree with that.  Now there are certain people who make their entire career out of that…

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, I mean I understand getting sick of Chris Brown and stuff like that, but dude.  The interesting about that is, here’s this effect and it’s in your industrial rock band for half a second to make you feel like you were in the club, and then it’s all back to normal vocals.

AWAY-TEAM:  Yeah, it’s not very long at all.

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, and it was the first song that was released to the fans, and they shit the bed, and completely freaked out like ‘Oh my God are you gonna do this?’ And I was just like ‘Oh God, here we go.’

AWAY-TEAM:  (Laughs)

JONNY RADTKE:  But now with this song, I think it’s…

RICHARD PATRICK:  That song is, honestly we stole that idea from The Deftones so we’re not even the first band to do that.

AWAY-TEAM:  Over the course of your career, you’ve done a few cover songs, what’s the coolest cover you’ve ever heard of one of your songs?

RICHARD PATRICK:  Well you know what, Brooke White sang “Take A Picture”, and we have the copy because we’re trying to do some stuff with it in film.  It’s actually Brooke White, the song, and Mitch Marlow has done some stuff with it.  It’s an amazing cover, maybe we’ll get that released somehow.  Then there’s all kinds of people doing “Hey Man, Nice Shot”, it’s kinda wild.  Then I met Shaun Morgan from Seether, and I was like (in a low, mean sounding voice) “Yeah I heard your cover.”  (all laugh)  But I was just messing with him, he’s a great guy, he said some good things to me.  It’s a flattering, amazing thing that people would cover your music.  You know who else did it, Lifehouse did “Take A Picture”; so there’s a whole bunch of people out there covering our stuff.

AWAY-TEAM:  One of your covers, “Happy Together”, is now being featured in the movie The Great Gatsby.  

Jonny Radtke & Richard Patrick-Filter

Jonny Radtke & Richard Patrick-Filter

Speaking of movies, obviously you’re the rock star of the family, and your brother is a successful actor, and it’s often been said that every singer wants to be an actor, and every actor a singer.  Have you guys ever talked about anything like that, has Robert ever been like ‘Hey man, let me…

RICHARD PATRICK:  Performance is amazing!  He did, he was trying to get me to be an actor back when I was in my drug phase so I wasn’t into it.  Performing is awesome, and when you have an opportunity to look into a camera or act in something, Jonny and I actually acted in our video.  We had a cameo role in our video for “What Do You Say”, which is a great little short movie.

JONNY RADTKE:  Yeah, it’ll be out soon.  We both had this little acting cameo.

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, it was like ‘Look upset.’ or ‘Look like you’re thinking about it.’  (all laugh)

JONNY RADTKE:  Cook that steak! (laughs)

RICHARD PATRICK:  Cook that fucking steak! (laughs)

JONNY RADTKE:  I think this dude would be an amazing actor!  We fuck around all the time on the tour bus, we’re like brothers.  If we’re not focused on work related stuff, we’re joking about stuff.  He’s got his routines and shit, I think he would be perfect.  You could see him in like a Vince Vaughn, you know that squad of dudes, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, all those guys, Jonah Hill

AWAY-TEAM:  Well I got to see his Forrest Gump first-hand! (all laugh) [Editors Note:  Prior to the commencement of recording, we engaged in an ice-breaking conversation that culminated in Richard comparing his life to that of Forrest Gump, and doing a hilarious impersonation of him]

JONNY RADTKE:  I’d actually like to see him in a film.  I think he could do it.  I think he could also do dramatic work as well.  Me, on the other hand, I don’t know.  I’m not an actor, and never really thought of myself as one! (laughs)

RICHARD PATRICK:  I think you could easily do it. I think performing is all linked up man!  Writing, performing, creativity; it’s all hooked up in some way.  Even though my brother Robert does not have a musical bone in his body!  Check out Filter-So I Quit  w/Robert Patrick; it’s amazingly funny!

AWAY-TEAM:  I definitely will! (laughs)  You’re also close to an Academy Award Winner in your former bandmate, and friend, Trent Reznor…


AWAY-TEAM:  He’s just announced that he’s got this creative fire burning inside, and he’s bringing back  Nine Inch Nails to release a new album.

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, which I knew about for a couple months. (laughs) I didn’t wanna say anything…

AWAY-TEAM:  (laughs)  Let me ask you this, I know when you were a member of the band you didn’t really get to record too much with him; is that something you guys have ever talked about?  Maybe doing some sort of collaborating in the future?  You know, not necessarily for either band, but in general?

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, I mean I think it’d be interesting if I sang on something.  He had a thing that he was trying to do called Tapeworm, he asked me if I wanted to do something with that, I don;t know if that ever saw the light of day, but… He’s asked me, and now that I’m older, I certainly would wanna do it.  When I was younger I was too nervous, too crazy, you know it was back when I was drinking, crazy addict reporting from gonzo land! (all laugh)  But the short answer is absolutely, I’d love to do something.  I’d love to sing on something, I’m sure he’s got a bunch of music, ya know.    (Trent, I hope you’re listening!!!)

AWAY-TEAM:  Speaking of former bandmates, Frank Cavanaugh had some pretty harsh comments for you after an incident in which your wife was nearly run off the road because she had a bumper sticker that said “Ban Assault Weapons”…

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah. (seemingly puzzled by the comments)

AWAY-TEAM:  Really strange.  The first thing I thought of, ya know Frank’s a military guy, and most military guys I know are staunch conservatives…

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah it’s kinda wild…

AWAY-TEAM:  …you’re a liberal. That must have made for some tough times touring, and working together…

RICHARD PATRICK:  I was out of my mind when I was younger.  I didn’t really have any political stance.

AWAY-TEAM:  Have you spoken to Frank since everything?


JONNY RADTKE:  I talk to Frank all the time, and right before that happened it was like…

RICHARD PATRICK:  You talk to him on the phone?

JONNY RADTKE:  We text, we email, he’s been a friend of mine for quite a long time. Every time I come through Texas, he’d come to shows.  But yeah, when I saw that comment that Frank left I was like ‘Whoa!’

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, because I had said something like ‘The Tea Party’…

JONNY RADTKE:  We were talking about our opinion on gun control, which is to ban assault weapons, and he kinda jumped on Rich about that!

RICHARD PATRICK:  He jumped on it, he was like ‘I can’t believe you would say we’re all treasounous’, and I’m like “You’re obstructing the constitution.  You’re obstructing getting the government working.  You’re attacking the government.  That’s treason to me.”  The United States operates with a manual, and it’s called The Constitution.  It’s an instruction pamphlet from the people that made the country, and you need to follow it!  Filibustering 250 times in the Senate, to block every single thing that the president wants to try and work on, isn’t what we voted for!  We voted for common sense!  The Bush Administration had eight years, they were filibustered six times.  The Obama Administration is not even through it’s fifth year, and it’s had 250 filibusters in the Senate.  What the fuck is going on?  Because I want a vote on gun control, eighty percent of the people in the United States want a background check.  Every single thing that they’re talking about, in Sandy Hook he fumbled on the second clip, so he was putting the 30-60 rounds, and he dropped the first one and fumbled, eleven children ran out the door.  Got the clip in, killed twenty, so practicality, common sense; the laws of this country are what separate us from anarchy, right?  Society is based on laws, it’s based on rules.  We wanna ban anything beyond eleven bullets, or ten bullets, apparently that’s an attack on the 2nd Amendment right.  Okay, so you can’t have a grenade, you can’t have bazookas, but you can have a machine gun that fires as many times as you want.  So it’s essentially an automatic weapon, somehow that’s an attack on the 2nd Amendment.  Well, maybe we should look at the 2nd Amendment.  This is just three gentlemen sitting here talking about this, my wife, we have a “Ban Assault Weapons” sticker on our car because why not?  They’re not practical! You don’t need them, and if we’re in an arms race with our government, well they have the Atomic Bomb, they have tanks, they have more Abrams tanks than you could imagine!  So if there’s a domestic dispute, they’ve got like 10,000 tanks; roll that into any fucking major city, and you’re done!  I don’t understand what they’re going for.  when I think about Ted Nugent, it blows my mind.  I almost hear a panicked gun nut, not too far away from where David Koresh was!   It’s like ‘Dude, chill the fuck out!!!‘, ya know?  I’ve never owned a gun in my life.  I’ve shot some guns, what’s the big fucking deal!!!  You shoot a gun, ‘Wow I’ve hit the target!’, whoopty-fucking-do!!!  Action movies are great, I love action movies, I don’t wanna go out and fucking kill anybody!  It’s availability, it’s availability to the VT guy, it’s availability to the Columbine guys.  It’s gun show loopholes, you know I went to a gun show once and they were like ‘So have you ever been arrested for a felony?’ and I’m like ‘Oh yeah, absolutely.  Felonious assault with a can of beer.’  They’re like (in his best redneck voice) ‘Dammit son, you’re not supposed to say that!  You’re supposed to lie!’  And I’m like ‘Really?  I don’t want a gun.’  (cue redneck voice again) ‘Oh I thought you wanted to buy this thing.’ ‘No I don’t.  I actually was just looking at it.’ (redneck voice) ‘Alright, well I didn’t hear anything anyways’.  They don’t give a fuck, they just wanna sell guns, they don’t give a fuck who they’re selling them to!  I don’t know, I’m so far left I’m in the middle.  I’m so far left of the Tea Party, I’m moderately in the middle!  I talk to Republicans all the time, and I’m like ‘So what about banning assault weapons?’  and they’re like ‘Okay, it’s practical.’   I’m like ‘You’re a Republican.  What the fuck happened to your party?!!!’  It’s Tea-publicans!  That’s who’s running the government!  They’re using the stunt that, every time school’s in session, they’re pulling the fucking fire alarm!  So every time everybody wants to get together for school, they pull the filibuster fire alarm!  When are Americans gonna figure that out?  These are the same people that (return of the redneck voice hilarity) ‘Know there’s something going on out there in that Area 51, and it’s aliens, I’ma tell ya!’  It’s the same shit, they’re the same fucking folks!  (Redneck voice over the laughter of Jonny and myself) ‘I know that JFK was assassinated by the CIA back it the day!  That’s the real story!  What Lee Harvey Oswald, he was the guy in the grassy knolllll!!!!!!’  That’s who’s doing this shit!  I don’t like it!

AWAY-TEAM:  I’m a gun owner, but it’s for the protection of my family…

RICHARD PATRICK:  You know what? I’ve probably been a gun owner at some point in my life.

AWAY-TEAM:  It’s crazy nowadays, with the home invasions and shit!  I’ve got a daughter almost the same age as yours, and I need to protect my family!  But I’m a RESPONSIBLE gun owner, I keep it in a safe etc., etc…

RICHARD PATRICK:  I honestly, the minute I get a chance, I’m gonna go buy a shotgun.  I’m gonna buy a shotgun, I want a 12 gauge pump shotgun.  I don’t want the big, huge, ridiculous long one.  I just want the pump one that’s kinda shorter.  Literally just to kinda scatter some bird shot, and that’s it.  I understand the necessity to own a weapon, and lock it up in a safe, and put a lock on the trigger, and your kids can never find it.  It’s only memorized in your head somewhere, or locked away on a hard drive somewhere.  I stand behind my open-ended request to debate Rush Limbaugh and Ted Nugent.  The debate’s gonna be simple, cuz I’m just gonna ask some questions and let them rant on about like (Limbaugh voice) ‘Buh, duh, duh.  It’s just a scare tactic by Democrats.  Global warming is totally made up by the Obama Administration.  Who we all know resides in Kenya.’  You know, it’s just like their crazy wacko fucking shit!  (laughs) I wanna ask Rush Limbaugh to his face, “Dude, I make music.  I’m trying to bring people together, and I’m trying to make the world a better place.  What are you doing?  Cuz I know you’re rich, you’ve already made your money.’  But stirring up the fringe?  How can that be, I know Bill O’Reilly’s like ‘Hey I don’t care, I’m doing it for the money.’  There’s guys that wanna hear the Democratic point of view, the liberal stuff.  The far right is way crazier!  What’s the worst thing a Democrat has done?  What’s the worst thing?  Are they denouncing science?  Maybe they’re denouncing religion in schools, actually I don’t want a fucking church in my school!  I want the church at church!  What is so wrong from the liberal point of view?  Where are the liberal extremists?  What, PETA? Or the people trying to get between toxic waste dumping out in the ocean?  I don’t know, some of the extreme far left, with the burning of those houses for infringing on forests, I get that.  I’m against that, no one should burn someone’s property.  How is it somehow the Obama Administration is the far left?

AWAY-TEAM:  So we’re here for the opening night of the Summerland Tour with your band, Filter, as well as Sponge (whose sound check graced our eardrums throughout this interview), Live, and Everclear.  What’s the band you most look forward to seeing tonight?

JONNY RADTKE:  I can’t wait to see all of them!

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah.  I mean, how are we gonna pick a favorite?  They’re all awesome bands.

JONNY RADTKE:  The other three bands have all had great success over the years.  Really cool songs, and we’ve all known each other, for the most part, for many years.  So already today’s been kind of a ‘Hey it’s good to see you again’ 

AWAY-TEAM:  High School Reunion type of thing.


JONNY RADTKE:  It’s gonna be fun for all the fans, but it’s a treat for all of us too.  For all of us to be back in a room together, and hanging out.

AWAY-TEAM:  Rich, last but not least, I know you just got a new tat a couple days ago…Richard Patrick Sloan Tattoo


AWAY-TEAM:  So let’s see it!  What did you get?

RICHARD PATRICK:  (shows arm)

AWAY-TEAM:  Oh nice, for Sloan. (Rich’s daughter)  That’s cool!

RICHARD PATRICK:  My daughter Sloan.  She is so, she’s just got such an amazing go-getter attitude.  Just fearless, ya know.  First day of pre-school she’s marching into pre-school holding her bags, her backpack was bigger that her, and she’s like ‘Let’s go!’ (laughs)  She walks in ‘Whatta ya got here?’  Ya know, puts it in her little cubbie at school and just like...

AWAY-TEAM:  Yeah, they’re amazing.  They’re life changers!

RICHARD PATRICK:  Yeah, and the funny thing  is that a million years ago, it was that emotional bond that made us more successful, way more so than all of the other bi-peds.  The brain would start to get bigger to grow more emotional.  So having all of these super strong emotional ties, the byproduct of that is what gave us all of this intelligence.  Isn’t that amazing?  So when you have a kid, you’re so connected, and it’s like ‘I have to live as long as I possibly can. I have to take care of myself’ (laughs) When I was 30, I did not care.  I was like ‘I don’t wanna be 40.  I don’t give a fuck.  I’d rather die.  Who cares?’  I was like ‘I’m good.  Became a rock star.  Sold millions of records…’ Then all of a sudden when you have kids you’re like ‘Nope.  I need to see her grow up.  I need to protect her when she’s 30, 40, 50.  I’m gonna eat my spinach.’

AWAY-TEAM:  Yeah I know, it’s amazing what they do to us!  Well hey, thank you both!


AWAY-TEAM:  It’s been a huge honor, and a great pleasure to speak with both of you, and I look forward to seeing you tear it up out there tonight! (And tear it up they did!)

RICHARD PATRICK:  It’s gonna be great!  We’re looking forward to it!

JONNY RADTKE:  Thanks for coming out!

For more info including Tour Dates and to purchase music and merch visit Filter’s Official Website.

Special thanks go out to Richard and Jonny for so graciously giving me their time, and to Julie Lichtenstein at Wind-Up Records for making it all happen!



reo2013Styx Photo shoot with Ash Newell February 11, 2013 — Last year’s debut of “The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express” tour, recognized by Rolling Stone as one of the “Ten Hottest Summer Package Tours of 2012,” was such a huge success that Rock’s finest from the Midwest— REO Speedwagon, Styx and Ted Nugent—are teaming up again for another round of shows starting April 18 in Grand Forks, ND at Ralph Engelstad Arena. The trek concludes May 19 in Burgettstown, PA at First Niagara Pavilion.

Styx and REO Speedwagon will be offering direct-to-fan access to the best seats in the house via their own exclusive fan club pre-sales. Visit StyxWorld.com to join the Styx Lounge for access to exclusive content, ticket pre-sales and VIP packages, and visit www.facebook.com/reospeedwagon for information about REO Speedwagon’s ticket pre-sales.

To say that everyone on the tour is excited to get back out there would be an understatement, in their own words:

“Due to the overwhelming success of last year’s tour, we are going to once again wind up the juggernaut of megatainment. Styx, REO and the Motor City Madman: there aren’t enough expletives in my vocabulary to explain how great this is…but I’ll try. This is going to be *$@&#@*&@# awesome!”James “JY” Young, Styx (guitars, vocals)

“Yo, wake up everybody! Winter is over, the snow is melting, the sun is coming out–it’s time for the second annual REO, Styx, Nugent springtime extravaganza. We had so much fun in 2012 we all decided to fire this ‘Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express’ thing up and do it again. Time to strap on our six strings, pack up the trucks and tour buses, get together with our best rock buddies and go out to have some big fun. See y’all soon.”Kevin Cronin, REO Speedwagon (vocals, guitars, keyboards)

“Blazing vocal melodies and guitars, soaring arrangements steeped in Progressive Rock roots, heart touching ballads you know in your bones, and that’s just my DAMN YANKEES brother TED NUGENT I’m talking about! Wait until STYX and REO take the stage! You might need to take the next day off after riding this glorious train!”Tommy Shaw, Styx (vocals, guitars)

“When you live the ultimate American guitar player’s dream, with the ultimate grinding band, performing the most intense fun songs in the world to the most enthusiastic audiences alive, every tour and every concert is an indescribable celebration. Styx and REO deserve me. Here we come again baby, like dogs in heat!”Ted Nugent

nugent2013“The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express” tour racked in rave reviews during its debut run, including:

“Tuesday’s lineup of Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon and Styx brought album-oriented rock to a rabid, near sold-out audience that ate up every lick, groove and wail like it was manna from heaven.”
— Candace Horgan, Denver Post

“The ‘Midwest Rock ‘N Roll Express’ tour proved to be aptly named and by the time the last guitar pick had been thrown and the final encore had faded away, it’s likely that more than a few in the audience were pulling out their smartphones to look for their chance to stow away as passengers to catch the next stop.”
–Matt Wardlaw, Ultimateclassicrock.com

“One would be hard pressed to find a tour line-up that can boast more combined top 40 hits and platinum recordings than that of Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon and STYX…on this night, (the fans are) going to get their money’s worth.”
–Craig Ross, Guitarinternational.com

Check out “The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express” at any of the following stops. Ted Nugent hits the stage at 7:00pm at every stop unless noted otherwise.

DATE                CITY                                   VENUE                                                    CLOSER

Thu 4/18     Grand Forks, ND           Ralph Engelstad Arena                         Styx
Fri 4/19       Minneapolis, MN          Target Center                                           REO Speedwagon
Sat 4/20      Moline, IL                        iWireless Center                                      Styx
Sun 4/21     Toledo, OH                      Huntington Center                                 Ted/Styx/REO
Tue 4/23     Springfield, MA             MassMutual Center                               Styx
Wed 4/24    Glens Falls, NY             Glens Falls Civic Center                       REO Speedwagon
Fri 4/26       East Rutherford, NJ        IZOD Center                                         Styx
Sat 4/27      Raleigh, NC                     Walnut Creek Amphitheatre             Styx
Sun 4/28     Roanoke, VA                  Roanoke Civic Center                         REO Speedwagon
Wed 5/1       Estero, FL                        Germain Arena                                     REO Speedwagon
Fri 5/3          St. Augustine, FL         St. Augustine Amphitheatre                   Styx
Sat 5/4         TBA                                           TBA
Sun 5/5        Atlanta, GA                     Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre           Styx
Tue 5/7       TBA                                           TBA
Wed 5/8      Tulsa, OK                             BOK Center                                         REO Speedwagon
Fri 5/10      Kansas City, KS              Starlight Theatre                                 Styx
Sat 5/11      Lincoln, NE                     Pinewood Bowl Theater                    REO Speedwagon
Tue 5/14    Grand Rapids, MI          Van Andel Arena                                Ted/REO/Styx
Wed 5/15   Evansville, IN                 Ford Center                                          REO Speedwagon
Fri 5/17      Green Bay, WI                Resch Center                                        REO Speedwagon
Sat 5/18       St. Louis, MO                 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre       REO Speedwagon
Sun 5/19     Burgettstown, PA         First Niagara Pavilion                          StyxMidwest Rock Express 2013

Ok, so Dave Mustaine has gone and completely joined the Church of Rock & Roll Lunacy founded by everyone’s favorite loony Uncle, Ted Nugent.

On August 7th in Singapore Megadeth performed and Dave took a moment in the middle of the set to address someone who threw a shoe at the band. During this interaction he decided he needed to get the following off of his chest…

Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban, so he’s staging all of these murders. Like the ‘Fast And Furious’ thing down at the border and Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there and now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple.”

Watch the video for yourself, at the 2:38 mark is when the brain trust that is Dave Mustaine begins to go completely left field on everyone.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Dave has said something that makes an educated person scratch their head in disbelief. Yes, he is a musician, but really, does that mean he can go around spouting off his crazy theories with impunity? “Oh, he’s a ‘rock star’ so he can say what he wants, and doesn’t have to be held accountable for his actions…

I call bullshit. Remember the Dixie Chicks and their rant against President Bush and the war? The backlash against them was incredible. And they were right!!!! At least their opinion was based in reality, and in time was proven to be accurate.

I find it hard to believe Dave has any evidence proving Obama had the theater and Sikh shootings staged for his policy to benefit.

But wait, let’s take a trip down memory lane and read some more of Dave’s ramblings…

The thing that really is blowing me away is this molecular scanner, this [Picosecond Programmable Laser], whatever they’re talking about, and it’s not only here, the Russians have one too, so it’s something that’s very real. And I read up on that and it says it’s about gun powder and explosives and that’s what the primary purpose of it is, but it also says that it can read inside your system and say what kind of medication you’re on. So I imagine that what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna have a database to cross-reference whether the person that shows up that’s got narcotics in their system is under doctor’s care or not. For example, for me, when we’re on tour, we’re around people who do pyro, and pyro is gun powder and explosives for the fireworks. So if I shake hands with my pyrotechnician, I’m gonna get arrested for being a terrorist because I’ve got trace elements of gun powder and explosives on me, because there’s fireworks going on. On top of the fact that because of the cocaine use and people using dollar bills rolled up, there’s traces of cocaine on all money, so anybody touching currency is gonna have remnants of cocaine on their hands, that’s gonna show up, and it’s just madness. To think that it’s getting to this point. I mean, I can handle us having security, but not like this.

Damn Dave, paranoid much?

What I think about the president or the job he’s doing, does it really matter? If I say how I really feel, I’m gonna get blackballed — people are gonna talk bad about me and my career’s gonna suffer. And that in itself is a shame because since when in America can’t you talk freely about things that you like or don’t like? And why should I have my business taken away from me because I don’t like somebody? And that’s one of the fears I have — if I say how I really feel about stuff that people are not gonna wanna come see us in concert or not gonna wanna buy our records. But it’s like, man, I’ve been talking about how I feel about government since I first had my first record. I don’t like government. I think that… Much like our founding fathers in the beginning who knew that you needed government but that the people were in control… The government works for us, and I think people have forgotten that.

No Dave, what is going to hurt you career is YOU. And YOUR mouth. It isn’t the government; they aren’t going to wage a private war against you if you don’t like them. But your fans and the people who listen to your music will walk away in droves because you are a lunatic. There are many out there that don’t care what you say or do off stage and out of the studio. They just want to hear Hanger 18 for the 1,000th time. But people who pay attention to what is going on, and hear you ranting and raving like a madman will lose all respect for you, and will no longer support you. So, yes, if you tell people all your insane little theories, it WILL hurt your career. But you have no one to blame but yourself.

I have a lot of questions about [Obama], but certainly not where he was born. I know he was born somewhere else than America. . . I’m not calling a question to it, I just… How come he was invisible until he became whatever he was in Illinois?”

Whatever he was in Illinois? Really Dave? You are going to bash someone and not even have all the details? By your logic I wasn’t born in the US either because I am invisible to you.

Dave was asked if he supported gay marriage, “Well, since I’m not gay, the answer to that would be no.Dave was then questioned if he would support legislation to make marriage between a man and another man legal. He replied, “I’m Christian. The answer to that would be no.

What Dave is trying to say here is if he is not gay then he cannot be FOR the gays. So if Dave is not a NASCAR driver, then Dave must not support NASCAR. And if Dave is right handed, then he cannot support left handed people.

I watch some of these shows from over in Africa, and you’ve got starving women with six kids. Well, how about, you know, put a plug in it? It’s like; you shouldn’t be having children if you can’t feed them.

That right Dave, let’s just go to all the third world countries, round up the fertile womenfolk, and shove plugs in their vaginas. That’ll solve the over population and starvation problem. Fuck the fact that their human beings. Just jam plugs in their pussies.

How about you just shut the fuck up and play music asshole? I’m all for freedom of speech. But damnit. I like Killing is My Business…And Business is Good, Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?, and a couple other Megadeth albums. And I want to keep listening to them. But I can’t if this fucktard keeps talking out of his ass.

Special one-time-only surprises usually happen at the end of a long tour. The final stop in Bangor, ME last Sunday, July 8 of “The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express” with STYX, REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent was no exception. During STYX’s set, lucky fans at that final stop got what they were hoping for when Ted Nugent joined the band for a special performance of the Damn Yankees classic “Coming Of Age.”

As STYX’s Tommy Shaw declared, “Working with Brother Ted has been a real treat. Joining fellow Nugent alumni Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon guitarist) in the wings on a regular basis to watch Ted, Derek (St. Homes), Greg (Smith) and Mick (Brown) craft the perfect set for our collective audience. Night after night, it has been inspirational. Then, to finish the tour with Ted joining STYX on stage for a killer performance of ‘Coming of Age’ caught me off-guard how powerful it was. I swear Nugent was levitating. Damn Yankee brothers forever.

In touring news, the band’s schedule isn’t slowing down now that “The Midwest Rock ‘n Roll Express” tour is done. Check out STYX at any of the following stops, with more to be added in the coming weeks:

Thu 7/19 Interlochen, MI Kresge Auditorium
Fri 7/20 Lac du Flambeau, WI Lake of the Torches Resort Casino
Sat 7/21 Goshen, IN Elkhart County Fair
Sun 7/22 Harrington, DE Delaware State Fair (with Cheap Trick)
Fri 8/3 Waverly, IA Bremer County Fair
Sat 8/4 Anderson, IN Hoosier Park Racing Casino
Sun 8/5 Muskegon, MI Frauenthal Center
Tue 8/7 West Allis, WI Wisconsin State Fair
Wed 8/8 Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Empire Fair
Fri 8/10 Corbin, KY NIBROC Festival
Sat 8/11 Pittsburgh, PA PNC Park (post-game Pittsburgh Pirates game)
Fri 8/24 Boise, ID Western Idaho Fair
Sat 8/25 Albany, OR Oregon Amphitheatre
Sun 8/26 Palmer, AK Alaska State Fair
Mon 8/27 Monroe, WA Evergreen State Fair
Fri 8/31 Marshfield, WI Central Wisconsin State Fair
Sat 9/1 New Lenox, IL New Lenox Commons
Sun 9/2 Wauseon, OH Fulton County Fair
Thu 9/6 Lincoln, CA Thunder Valley Casino Resort
Fri 9/7 Madera, CA Madera District Fair
Sat 9/8 Pomona, CA LA County Fair
Sun 9/9 Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
Tue 9/11 Redding, CA Cascade Theatre
Thu 9/13 Spokane, WA Interstate Fair
Sat 9/15 Deadwood, SD Deadwood Jam
Fri 11/9 Biloxi, MS Hard Rock Casino & Resort
Wed 11/14 Provo, UT Covey Center

From the Bangor Daily News:

The drummer for musician Ted Nugent is facing multiple charges after police say he drunkenly stole a golf cart after the band’s show on the Bangor waterfront Sunday, according to police.

Bangor police Officers Steve Jordan and Jim Dearing were working at the waterfront pavillion during Sunday’s show featuring Styx, REO Speedwagon and Nugent when security alerted them to an issue behind the stage, according to a news release from Sgt. Paul Edwards.

Police were alerted that Mick Brown, 55, who is Nugent’s drummer, had stolen a golf cart used by Waterfront Concerts staff and was drunkenly driving it around the Front Street area at about 9:45 p.m., according to Edwards.

Several people had attempted to stop Brown, but he had sped away down the foot path near the Sea Dog, the sergeant said. Jordan later observed the cart with two females on board near the Railroad Street crossing, and attempted to stop Brown, again without success.

After Brown had accelerated past Jordan, Edwards said a security officer got close enough to stop him, but Brown gave the officer a shove. Two other security team members removed Brown from the cart physically and he was placed under arrest.

Brown was taken to the Penobscot County Jail and booked on charges of operating under the influence, driving to endanger, theft and assault. He was later released on $4,000 bail.

Brown is due in court Aug. 15.

Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Ozzy Osbourne… aside from being iconic figures in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, what do they all have in common? They’ve all had the honor of calling Tommy Clufetos their drummer. Ever since he picked up the drumsticks at the age of seven, Tommy Clufetos has lived and breathed rock ‘n’ roll, doing more in ten years than most people dream of accomplishing in a lifetime. It’s that kind of dedication that has brought him from keeping time for the Motor City Madman to tearing through the Diary of a Madman. Recently I had a chance to speak with Tommy about what it’s like to play with rock royalty, covering everything from the Prince of Darkness to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. So sit back, grab a cold one, and kick up your feet as we delve into the mind of one of rock’s great stickmen….

AWAY-TEAM: I’d like to start by congratulating you on the success of the current tour, and on semi-recently being named the new full time drummer for Ozzy Osbourne.


AWAY-TEAM: You guys are currently touring with Slash as your supporting act, I know you’ve had the chance to play with him before, how did that come to be?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: You mean how did it come with me jamming with Slash before?


TOMMY CLUFETOS: I was doing this thing with Alice Cooper, not when I was in Alice Cooper’s band, he just asked me to help him out and do this thing called the MAP Fund, which is affiliated with the Grammy’s and it helps those with substance abuse addictions. So we played at this concert, and Slash jammed with Alice when I was playing drums, I think he played “School’s Out” or something. So we played together then, and he just asked me to jam with him a couple times out of that. He’s a total gentleman, Slash, I love his guitar playing. Ya know he’s one of the last guitar hero rock stars out there, so… I can’t say enough about that guy, he’s such a great guy, and great musician.

AWAY-TEAM: Yeah, he’s legendary!


AWAY-TEAM: Now I spoke with Gus G. a few months ago, and he hadn’t yet met Slash, and I asked him this very question, but he didn’t have the answer yet. So now it’s time for an update… have you guys played any songs on this tour with both Ozzy and Slash on stage at the same time? I know they played together on Slash’s album.

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Ozzy sang on Slash’s album, yeah. But they don’t do that during the concert, because we fly in and out of the shows, so it doesn’t really leave much time for us to… ya know, sometimes we’ll get there when he’s already on stage, and we have to get ready, so. The schedule is quite compact, so I don’t think it technically leaves room to do that. But that would be cool.

AWAY-TEAM: Sure would.

TOMMY CLUFETOS: But the package of Slash and Ozzy together is going over really well, and I think it’s a great thing for fans. Alot of tunes that people are familiar with, and alot of tunes where people go ‘Oh, I forgot about that song’, so it’s a great night of rock ‘n’ roll hits for everybody.

AWAY-TEAM: I think the great part of it, is we haven’t seen something like this in a long time, and I’ve said this before, it kinda brings you back to the days of the old Monsters of Rock tours and things like that.

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Yeah. I mean Slash is just an icon, and so is Ozzy, so it makes for a great night for everybody.

AWAY-TEAM: Right. So how did you get the gig with Ozzy? Did you have to audition? Or did they call you and say “Hey, what are you doing? We want you to play with us”? How did that work out?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I was kinda in the right place at the right time. I was brought in to help out during Gus G.’s audition, he came in from Greece, and their drummer at the time couldn’t make it, so I was asked to do it just so Gus could be comfortable and focus on playing guitar… and the music would be solid. So that’s what I came in to do, and then they asked me to play at a thing called Blizzcon in California, which again Mike Bordin, who’s an amazing drummer, could not make due to commitments with Faith No More. They asked me to do that, and out of those couple experiences they asked me to join the band. So I was very lucky, and excited, and so ecstatic to say ‘Yes’.

AWAY-TEAM: Now you left Rob Zombie’s band to take the gig with Ozzy, I understand Rob was a little bitter when you left him. Have you spoken to him since, and managed to salvage your friendship?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I have not spoken to him. But I have nothing but great things to say about Rob and my time spent there, and ya know I base our relationship on what I saw when I was there and I have nothing but great things to say about that. I wouldn’t say anything negative, just because of a couple statements in the press. So, no hard feelings on my end. I wish him, his wife Sheri, and all the guys nothing but the best. I still think the world of all of them. So, that’s how I feel.

AWAY-TEAM: These days Ozzy seems to be a bit more energized than he has been in the past few years. I’m sure in part it has to do with some of you younger guys being around. With guys like yourself and Gus being closer in age to Ozzy’s kids, than the man himself; do Ozzy and Sharon treat you with more of a parental instinct? Or are you still just one of the guys?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: The age thing doesn’t really come into play. We play in his band, and it’s business. But this is more like a family than anything I’ve ever been involved with. They’re super cool, and super nice, and ya know we just played an L.A. show and Ozzy’s whole family was out there. They couldn’t be better to us, they treat us all great despite the age. Whether you’re old or young, it’s all the same thing.

AWAY-TEAM: It’s all rock ‘n’ roll. And speaking of that, Ozzy’s still going at age 62, where do you see yourself at age 62?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I’ll still be rockin’ n’ rollin’ my friend!

AWAY-TEAM: Kick ass!

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I just hope I die on stage. That would be… not too soon! (laughs)

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs) Yeah. Let’s not rush it!

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I can’t stop. So I’ll probably be that dude up there that people are saying ‘Why won’t he quit?’

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs)

TOMMY CLUFETOS: At least I know it right? (laughs) I’ll probably still be taking my shirt off when I’m a fat guy!

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs) I gotta ask this question… the whole metal world let out a collective ‘What the fuck?” when we first heard that Ozzy was working with Justin Bieber, in fact I even read somewhere somebody said ‘I hope Ozzy bites his head off’ (laughs)


AWAY-TEAM: How did the guys in the band feel about it, see when we first heard we didn’t know it was a commercial, we just heard they were working together so it obviously created a bit of a storm in the media. So how did you guys feel about it? I mean did you bust his balls a bit?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I mean he’s doing a Super Bowl commercial, so who wouldn’t be in a Super Bowl commercial? It’s like the biggest thing in the world, and I mean he’s Ozzy Osbourne he can do whatever the hell he wants. So I think it’s great, Ozzy is more than music, he’s a cultural icon! He’s like Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is just fucking cool, and so is Ozzy. So, I mean we go up on stage and Ozzy just rocks balls! Harder than anybody out there, harder than any punk kid. He’s the real deal, so whether he’s in a commercial with Justin Bieber, or in The Osbourne’s, he still IS rock ‘n’ roll. He’s the definition of rock ‘n’ roll, and he proves it when he gets on the stage, and we’re there to back him up on it!

AWAY-TEAM: Speaking of backing him up, current band not included, if you could pick an all-time, all-star lineup for Ozzy, consisting of former band members who would it be?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Oh man, that’s a tough one. He’s always had such great bands. The No More Tears era was a great band, of course the Blizzard era was a great band, ya know I just feel honored to be in the Ozzy Osbourne band legacy. That’s what I feel lucky about. My name is in those ranks, and that’s just a great feeling, because he’s always had and always found the great musicians. Ozzy’s so good at getting great musicians in his band, and he can see talent, so I feel blessed and honored to be in that category. I’m not saying I’m in that category, but just to be mentioned with the same guys is a great feeling.

AWAY-TEAM: Yeah, I think Gus put it really well. He said you guys get to “…go out there every night and play the Bible of Heavy Metal” That’s pretty fucking cool!

TOMMY CLUFETOS: When we played in Los Angeles the other night, Tony Iommi was out there and Bill Ward came into our dressing room… sweetheart of a guy, total monster, amazing drummer. So it was great to meet those guys and have ‘em at the show.

AWAY-TEAM: That’s awesome. So how did you get started playing drums?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: My father was a musician, and I got drums for my 7th birthday, and from that moment on I’ve known what I was gonna do with my life. So it was full on instantly, blinders on, to get to doing what I’m doing now. So it’s been an endless, relentless pursuit of quality and determination to get where I am now.

AWAY-TEAM: What was the first song you ever learned? And who did you idolize, or style your play after growing up?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Wow, first song I ever learned (pauses) I think it was, my dad was a musician, so I think it was growing up a song called “C-Jam Blues” which was a Duke Ellington thing. Kinda like a little swing number, and it had little breaks for me to do some fills in, and stuff like that. That’s the earliest thing I can remember doing. I started so early, it just sort of came easy for me. I could just play tunes instantly, so um, ya. Once you look back it’s kinda funny how quickly it goes by.

AWAY-TEAM: So who did you idolize growing up?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I idolized my parents. Ya know, as you get older it’s harder to have idols, but my parents; I give them the greatest credit for me doing what I’m doing now. They never told me I couldn’t… I mean my mom, I can’t imagine the noise she had to deal with for 20 years in the house, at all times of the day blasting music and playing drums. And my dad always made sure I had drum stuff, and took me out and saw music, and put me in his band, so. The support was always there, and they always told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as I put the effort in. So they gave me the tools to have the confidence, in order to go out and do what I do. That’s really who I’m gonna give credit to. To do music, ya know, you gotta have that right mindset. Being able to play your instrument and be good at it is almost the easy part. Your mind has to be together, and you have to understand your place and your role. So it’s very easy, ya know we’re staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and just got off a private jet, it’s easy to start thinking you’re a big shot. But you gotta remember where you came from, and remember why you’re there. You gotta stay grounded, and I credit that to my parents for instilling those values in me. Ya know, when I did wrong, they put you in your place, when you did good, you got credit for it. So I carry those lessons with me to this day.

AWAY-TEAM: Now you got your first real big break with Ted Nugent, how did you end up playing with him? Had he known you from the Detroit scene?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: I got to first play with Ted, a guy in Detroit, a great sax player named Alto Reed whose played in Bob Seger’s band for the last 30 years, asked me to play on a movie soundtrack that he was putting together. Ted Nugent also played on it. So I first played with Ted during that, and didn’t have any idea of what music we were gonna play, he just sat down and wrote a song, and I immediately followed him. We did one take of it, and we cut it. Then we did another one in one take, and I think I impressed him because he called me the next day to go on tour with him. So, ya know, you get certain moments in life where you go “This is my shot.” If I didn’t buckle down and kick ass, Ted Nugent is not gonna give me another shot. You can work for ten years busting your hump, and eventually your break will come in a round about way, and you get that one opportunity to go to the next level. And I knew that was my moment, my one moment. I’ve had numerous moments like that, that have led me to where I’m at. But you don’t get those moments without the years and years of hard work and preparation in order to lead you to be prepared to take advantage of that moment.

AWAY-TEAM: Right, it’s all about what you make of it. So being with a guy like Ted, it’s almost a requirement to be into guns…

TOMMY CLUFETOS: You know what, Ted doesn’t give a shit. Ted only cares about you working your ass off, and being professional, and doing your job. Of course he’s gonna take you to shoot guns, but he doesn’t care if you’re a vegetarian, if you’re black or white, as long as you kick ass and do what you do to the best of your ability, your his best friend.

AWAY-TEAM: So what’s the sickest weapon you ever shot with him?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Oh my god. We went out in Texas, he would fly us out to these hunting ranches for his birthday and shoot like, I don’t even know what they’re called. But like insane crazy machine guns, like you’d see in movies, like in Red Dawn. Just stupid, stupid stuff. I’d be firing these things and be like “What am I doing right now!” For me it was crazy, being the city guy, ya know?

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs) Right. Having played with so many greats over your career, do you ever get jaded? In other words, let’s take someone I know you’ve never met, at least I hope you’ve never met! Elvis walks by, is it “So what it’s Elvis he’s just another guy like me”? Or do you still get a little starstruck?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: You picked the one guy, I mean I’m an Elvis nut…

AWAY-TEAM: Likewise!

TOMMY CLUFETOS: …so if he walked by, I’d really be going crazy. Second of all, I would have loved to play for Elvis, that’s one guy I would’ve loved to play for. I am an Elvis fanatic! To me though, we’re people. Elvis would be the one dude that I would freak out about though. But, we’re all people, and at this point you’re either an asshole, or you’re not an asshole! (laughs) So sometimes you meet famous people and they’re fucking assholes, sometimes you meet famous people and they’re the greatest people in the world. So, ya know, we’re all just people. I don’t really let anybody freak me out, cuz who cares. You can’t be intimidated by people either. You can be excited, and have a certain charisma that makes you excited to meet them because they’re exciting. But it’s not just because they’re a star, ya know. Like Ozzy has a certain charisma, where you’re like “Oh my god, this is Ozzy” It’s fucking cool! But it’s not just because it’s Ozzy, it’s because he’s a cool person. If that difference makes sense.

AWAY-TEAM: I know exactly what you mean!

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Like there’s certain guys I’ve played in bands with where I go “Oh my god, this guys a douchebag!” But the guys I play with now, everybody is so cool, everybody is on the same page, and so professional, it’s just a joy to be around. We’re having a riot out here…Blasko, Adam Wakeman, Gus G, Ozzy…all top notch supreme gentlemen, and highest level musicians.

AWAY-TEAM: Of all the legends that you’ve played with, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, and Ozzy, what’s the best advice any of them has ever given you?

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Best advice anybody has ever given me… that’s a tough one. (pauses) I have no idea. I learned alot from Ted Nugent, he gave me my first big break, we’re both from Detroit, share alot of the same influences, come from the same place and look at things the same way so I learned alot of things from him. But most of the stuff, my parents gave me the tools, I knew what I was doing. I was ready when anything came down the pipeline. I’m talking emotionally, and mentally I was ready. The best advice I can give somebody, if they wanna do this, is to keep the music number one. If something else comes in front of your music, or whatever you wanna do in your life you will not make it. Everything I do during the day has to do with me wanting to play music for the rest of my life. And when you get away from that, when you start getting into drugs, and start drinking, when the partying becomes too much eventually, it may take years, you’re gonna fall. I don’t care who you are, when you stop practicing as much you will lose your chops. You will lose it, I’ve seen so many drummers that are like “Oh yeah, I don’t really pick up the sticks in between tours.” WHAT? You don’t pick up the sticks? I have to pick up the sticks, I have to play, I have to stay hungry for it. Or year, after year, after year you will become dull, and you will lose it slowly. You gotta keep the hunger, and you gotta keep the music number one. So that’s my biggest advice, and everybody who I’ve worked for, that’s what they do and they have 42 year careers because of it. So they may not say something, they may not say the advice, but if you’re smart enough and perceptive you can pick it up on your own. Watch and learn.

AWAY-TEAM: Very true. Excellent pearls of wisdom. Tommy, thank you for your time, it’s been a true honor.

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it, and all the best to you!

AWAY-TEAM: Same to you. Best of luck with everything, and I look forward to seeing you behind the kit for many years to come.

TOMMY CLUFETOS: Appreciate it. all my best.

AWAY-TEAM: Thanks buddy! Talk to you soon.


For more info on Tommy Clufetos visit http://www.tommyclufetos313.com/ and http://www.ozzy.com for info including tour dates.

Special thanks to Tommy Clufetos for so graciously giving me his time, and to George Vallee at Sumerian Records for making it all happen.


Little Immaculate White Fox

White Fox Music

Rating: 9 out of 10

“Bat Out of Hell”… though that’s the name of one her father’s albums, Meat Loaf’s daughter Pearl Aday comes at us like a “Bat Out of Hell” right from the first lick of her debut album. The first track “Rock Child” kicks you right in the teeth and lets you know that this “Rock Child” is no ordinary chick rocker. Her amazing vocal talent, along with backing musicians Jim Wilson and Marcus Blake of Mother Superior fame, coupled with husband Scott Ian’s (Anthrax) guitar is enough to leave Lita Ford cowering in the corner. The onslaught continues with Pearl’s rousing rendition of Ike and Tina Turner’s “Nutbush City Limits”, just giving us a taste of what’s to come.

The fourth track on the album, “Check Out Charlie” has Scott taking a seat in favor of the Motor City Madman. With Ted Nugent at the helm, “Check Out Charlie” has a much welcomed 80’s rock feel to it. Continuing on the 80’s rock train, we are given “My Heart Isn’t In It” which is a sonic mixture of 80’s power ballad, and country that’s sure to land on the charts.

After slowing it down a bit, Pearl brings us right back to where we started, tapping our feet and bobbing our heads, with tracks like “Nobody” and “Whore”. All before leading us into the final curtain call that is “Anything” featuring a soulful Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) on guitar.

Though not typically a fan of the female rock singer (no offense ladies), this album will get regular rotation in my playlist. Very highly recommended.

You can get more Pearl here at her MySpace site, her multimedia site, and you can pick up Little Immaculate White Fox here.