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messagetovenusMIAMI, FL – Florida’s 21st Century rock outfit, Message To Venus, has teamed up with Revolver to launch a brand new song, “Hollow,” from the band’s upcoming debut album, Victims & Villains. Stream “Hollow” today exclusively at by clicking here.

“‘Hollow’ is a track about living the life you want,” vocalist/guitarist, Jandre Nadal, told Revolver. “Making your own choices as a person. Not following a shadow of what someone wants for you. This song has a powerful chorus. A lot of people can relate to this subject.”

Message To Venus recently launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the release and promotion of Victims & Villains. The campaign, available online here, seeks to raise $10,000 during the months of July and August and offers several unique Victims & Villains perks, including advance music, a personalized Message To Venus comic book and more. Money raised during the campaign will be put toward a music video, touring expenses, marketing and more.

Commented the band:

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The same applies to an album that goes unheard. And we want to be heard!That’s why we’ve decided to make our new album available to you, our closest fans, in advance of the official release date. With your support, we can raise the money needed to properly release and promote our new album, ‘Victims & Villains.’ For your contribution, you’ll receive exclusive perks in return, from an autographed copy of the new album, a limited edition poster to even having your own personalized comic book!”

Victims & Villains was recorded in the band’s native San Juan, Puerto Rico with producer, Leo Alvarez.

Victims & Villains teaser video can be seen below.

The upcoming album follows the 2011 EP, ‘The Envelope,’ which, along with lead single, “Universal You,” drew praise from established artists such as Godsmack and Halestorm while receiving weekly spins at SiriusXM Octane, MusicChoice and more. The track was also featured in the motion picture, The Witness (El Testigo). Stream the “Universal You” music video on YouTube, or scroll down to check it out.

Following the release of ‘The Envelope,’ Message To Venus made the decision to relocate from San Juan to Miami, Fla. “Puerto Rico is beautiful…it’s our home,” explained guitarist, John Feliciano. “We play there as often as we can, but in order to expand globally we want to be planted on soil where touring opportunities are more frequent.”

After being nominated for a Latin Rock Award in the ‘Slam Alternativo/Rock’ category in 2012, as well as participation in the International Day of Non-Violence, Message To Venus successfully employed the help of fans through a crowdfunding campaign and toured the U.S. in 2013.

The quartet is now seeking its dedicated fans’ help again to bring Victims & Villains to the masses. Stay tuned to the campaign page and Facebook for the latest info and updates.

DRILL Promo Band ShotRaleigh, NC – May 1, 2014 - Maniac Metal Monsters DRILL-187 have resurfaced onto a scene they left covered in carnage during their reign over the Active Rock charts and industry elite from 2002 to 2005.  From the release of their groundbreaking debut album, “The Faceless Majority”, in 2003, singer Jason Lilley, guitarists Ron Dalgo & Carlos Ameri, bassist Matt Fredrick, and skin basher Bobby Stansbury have enjoyed riding atop a mountain of accolades and honors working with Slayer manager Rick Sales and Marilyn Manson mastermind John Tovar.

Touring non-stop throughout the entire US for the duration of ’03 and ’04, DRILL-187 watched their career ascend capturing many journalist’s top spot for Album Of The Year in 2003, two weeks at #24 on the Active Rock charts, and album sales of over 6,100 copies sold at the close of 2004 all from a grass-roots, D.I.Y. approach. Then, Atlantic Records President Jason Flom, approached the band with interest in signing them, however, 2005 began with the band announcing an indefinite hiatus.  It was rumored that another “Up & Coming” act at the time that mirrored DRILL’s musical style, bombastic live show and even similarities in recorded material that was destined for their follow-up release, beat them to the punch.

Flash-Forward to May of 2014; and DRILL-187 is staging a return to form unlike any the scene has witnessed so far.  Working closely with founding member and original guitarist Jason Ussery, the band holed up in an undisclosed NC recording studio to produce six undeniably original entrees of Metal bliss that culminate in the forthcoming “From The Ashes Of Man” which will be Internationally released May 9th through Turkey Vulture Records.  In addition, the band has signed an exclusive management agreement with Away-Team Music through 2015.  Away-Team VP of A&R and Artist Relations Manager Craig “Bam-Bam” Stegall says, “I’ve been friends and a fan of these guys since I first heard demos dating back to 1998.  They’re simply a force to reckon with on the live stage and growing up a drummer myself, Stansbury’s drumming has just blown my mind for years, man!”  Singer Jason Lilley says of their relationship with Stegall, “He’s supported us for almost our entire career. He would sneak us into his playlist on his radio show [the syndicated “Bam-Bam’s RockLocker”] and we’d get bombarded with phone calls from people we never thought we’d hear from in a million years.  It only made sense that he should fly the DRILL flag for us on our return.  He’s done some cool stuff with bands like Slavemachine, Message To Venus and most recently Peter Murray’s new joint; White Noise Owl.  He’s seriously like family to us so we’re stoked to have him in our corner.”

On settling the undone score left bleeding by an unnamed rival back in the day, Jason says, “(laughter) Well, let’s just say they aren’t even around anymore so it’s time to show the world the way it should have been done all along!”

DRILL-187 is scheduled to headline their Raleigh, N.C. hometown on May 9th to coincide with the release of “From The Ashes Of Man” and then begin a full 38 date tour in June that will have them finishing up in August with more music being recorded this September.  With staunch supporters like C.O.C.’s Reed Mullin, Godsmack’s Shannon Larkin and even 80’s rocker-turned-”sludge”-icon Stevie Rachelle (who gave the band’s debut album the only 10 out of 10 review in the history of MetalSludge Magazine) this is far from a comeback, but rather a welcome return to form.

Godsmack-06Grammy Nominated rock act Godsmack has had their share of surprises in their careers, but being accused of Satanism? Well that’s definitely a first!  The St. Mary’s Parish (aka Westboro Baptist 2.0) led by Rev. Timothy Nelson [insert Father Nelson joke here] in Jackson County, MI has asked that Godsmack’s performance at the Jackson County Fair be cancelled citing that the band’s lyrics degrade women, children, and the weak, and wait for it… they promote Satanism!

Yeah, that’s right, the same band that has donated to Children’s Charities, and played for the troops that protect the very freedoms these morons use to spread their fear-mongering.  I’ve personally seen the band nearly 30 times so I guess that makes me a regular Aleister Crowley!  If these folks are so concerned about family values, where was the uproar when the famous homewrecker LeAnn Rimes took the stage at last year’s fair?  It’s mind-blowing to see what lemmings people can become when their church leaders paint the picture of a fantasy world in which they think we live.  Read for yourself and make your own judgement on their sanity…


JACKSON, MI – The metal band Godsmack promotes evil and Satan — that’s what the Rev. Timothy Nelson from St. Mary’s Parish and a group of residents believe.

The group was hoping the Jackson County fair board would cancel the Aug. 5 show  at the 2013 Jackson County Fair, but fair organizers say that won’t be happening.

Denise Owens, the Jackson County Fair operations director, said tickets are selling really fast and there is no chance it will be canceled.

Nelson distributed a flier to parishioners Sunday, July 21 urging them to contact the county fair board members to express their disgust with the band’s presence at the county fair. In that flier he states that the lyrics of the band are “evil, strewn with obscenities and violent.”

“If you look at the name Godsmack, what does that mean? Do you smack God?” Nelson said. “The name is irreverent and when you look at the lyrics it’s less than edifying.”

He also has issues with the band Pop Evil opening for Godsmack.

“It leaves the suggestion that evil is not that bad. Evil is very bad,” Nelson said.

Jackson resident Billie Buda attended the Tuesday, July 23 fair board meeting with her husband. About 35 to 40 residents who are against the band playing attended the meeting and about 15 spoke during public comment.

Buda has grandchildren who will be attending the fair — but not on the day Godsmack plays.

“I don’t want them to be at the fair when this concert is going on and they are not going to the concert, I know that,” Buda said.

Her oldest grandchild is 15.

“Their (fair board) mission statement says it is a family-oriented venue. This goes against their own mission statement,” she said. “There are a lot of bands that are good and some that are into witchcraft and the devil.”

Nelson tied the issue into his Sunday, July 21 sermon where he told parishioners they should be “prudent” about who they let in their home.

“You need to be hospitable and kind to people ,but you also have to be prudent about who you let into your home,” Nelson said. “ I just think that the Jackson community deserves better.”

He is hoping the fair board will reconsider the type of bands that play in the future at the county fair.

Owens said a county survey was conducted in the past five years and residents asked for bands other than the traditional classic rock bands that were popular 30 years ago.

“We had a lot of input on the different types of music they wanted to hear,” she said adding that ticket sales for Godsmack have been “really good.”

Nelson said he will pray for Godsmack, Pop Evil and the members of the county fair board.

“I’ll keep them in my prayers,” he said.

Here’s hoping Sully and the boys play the show of their lives and rain down a plague of rock ‘n roll locusts unto Nelson and his lemmings!