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Hinder_Official PhotoJuly, 22,2013–According to the band’s Facebook page, Oklahoma City based rockers Hinder were involved in a minor tour bus accident last night, resulting in injuries to both crew and band members.  The extent of the injuries is not known, but they appear to be minor.  The band has been forced to cancel at least one date due to the accident.  The following was posted by the band:


Earlier this month Hinder announced that they will be continuing with their tour, despite the absence of frontman Austin Winkler, who has entered his second stint in rehab, as a precaution because he “felt himself starting to slip”.  The band has tapped Saving Abel frontman Jared Weeks to fill in for Winkler on most dates, with Marshal Dutton of Drankmore filling in the remainder of the dates.   Hinder is currently on the road in support of their latest effort “Welcome to the Freakshow”.  We at Away-Team.com wish not only the crew and band members involved in the accident a speedy recovery, but send our well wishes to Austin as he battles his illness.

Tantric-Hugo FerreiraCHICAGO, IL –  Louisville-based eclectic rock act Tantric have just signed a deal with Pavement Entertainment and will release their eagerly awaited fifth studio album entitled ’37 Channels’ in September 2013. It’s the band’s first work since  their 2009 release, ‘Mind Control’.

‘37 Channels’ maintains Tantric’s tradition of exploring new directions by integrating diverse influences such as old school country, southern and classic rock and Motown with the trademark Tantric sound. Frontman Hugo Ferreira’s unique soulful baritone vocals, ranging from angsty rasps to melodious melancholy are once again present, along with  the usual intricate guitar work and infectious riffs layered over complex textures.

Featured guests on the album include Shooter Jennings and members of Hinder, 3 Doors Down, Saving Abel and Uncle Kracker. The album title comes from what Ferreira describes as “What goes on in my brain constantly; 37 things or channels if you will, all at once vying for my attention”. Typically diverse, the track selection offers unexpected content that will surely impress, as well as something for loyal fans. This album also marks a change in Tantric‘s structure, establishing it as Ferreira‘s ongoing musical project and allowing more freedom for collaborations without deviating from the established Tantric sound.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012
The Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA

Review by Marcy J Royce

Being that HINDER was formed in 2001, their newest release is just their fourth. Welcome To The Freakshow hit stores & iTunes officially on Tuesday, December 4. Only 8 days before I was to catch their live show at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA.

I bought my physical copy of the cd and began my dissection of the tracks. Almost immediately I was drawn to a few songs including Save Me, See You In Hell, and Wanna Be Rich. Probably because all three sound familiar, sound akin musically, and most like what I’ve come to associate with what HINDER is to me. Don’t get me wrong, this cd is definitely more diverse and a bit darker lyrically. Still there are 2 “radio worthy” tracks that should get some airplay.

But hey, that’s just my take. Get your own copy and see for yourself. I think you’ll really get into the cd.

This post-grunge, alternative metal/rock band sure does have a lot to offer and are nowhere near the end of what their potential holds. Last time I caught these guys was in the summer of 2011 when they were touring on the All American Nightmare release. It was sweltering in the Pennsylvania summer and HINDER turned the knob to MELTING that night in July. So my expectations seeing the guys this time, almost 18 months later, was very high. And let me say this… AUSTIN, CODY, JOE, MARK and MIKE DELIVERED IT like an overnight priority package. Fulfilled every expectation and even took it up a notch. Their live show is something to see. And even though the weather outside was so cold, the great mass assembled inside was feverishly hot and almost rabid at the midway point. The staff actually had to disseminate the revelry that escalated into a fight. This is one time I was glad I was plastered against the wall, out of harms way.

Of course my night started in the press/photo pit for the first 3 songs. As I stand in waiting for HINDER, I took in all the extra lighting they brought. They brought it last time and it helped their show in this small, sparsely lit venue. I usually fight for acceptable photos in this place. So view my photos to see how I did with HINDER‘s added light show. The fans directly behind the barricade, all the way across the front row, were avid fans. I know this because the only other photog this night was being repeatedly asked to move to they could see and the show hadn’t even started yet. And apparently someone was motioning that they were gonna spill their beer on me to get me to move. Thank goodness my hubs alerted me so that I could move a bit. These fans were dead serious about their HINDER affliction.

HINDER kicked off the set with 2 Sides of Me (All American Nightmare), Up All Night (Take It To The Limit), and Use Me (Take It To The Limit). Pure energy just rolled from the stage. I love the rush, it’s almost like a drug. I did fall prey to Austin’s spitting however. But that’s ok, I got a killer shot of him in the process.   As I moved strategically back and forth in the pit I couldn’t help to look around from crowd to stage and back again. HINDER had this crowd in a firm grip. Austin does quite well working his frontman status to capture those fans in an almost hypnotic state. Sometimes the crowd was singing along so loud that I had a bit of a time hearing Austin belt out each word.

The set list for this night was:
2 Sides of Me
Up All Night
Use Me
What Ya Gonna Do
Save Me
See You In Hell (also see my video below)
Hey Ho
Better Than Me
How Long
Shoulda Known Better
Homecoming Queen
Lips of an Angel
All American Nightmare
Talk To Me
Use Me
Put That Record On
Get Stoned

I was quite pleased with the mix of songs. The new ones mixed into all the fan favorite hits. Here’s my video of the new “See You In Hell”. Best I could do from my position plastered to the wall.

What a great night HINDER provided to their fans. Once again I was very pleased with what I saw, heard, and felt on this return trip to Lancaster. Hurry back boys. I’ll be sure to come see you again!

Check out everything HINDER at www.hindermusic.com.

Thanks and a shout out to Nina from HINDER‘s PR team for arranging this opportunity for myself and the away-team. You’re a doll!