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Carnival of Madness

Red Hat Amphitheater

Raleigh, NC

Photos by Jay Beadnell

Papa Roach


Carnival of Madness

Red Hat Amphitheater

Raleigh, NC

Photos by Jay Beadnell



Carnival of Madness

Red Hat Amphitheater

Raleigh, NC

Photos by Jay Beadnell

Emphatic_Another Life CoverJuly 16, 2013–Omaha, Nebraska based hard rockers, Emphatic have announced a September 17th release date for their sophomore album “Another Life” with Epochal Artists Records/Capitol Music Group. The album will be the first to feature new frontman Toryn Green, who was previously the singer of multi-platinum rock band FUEL and the touring vocalist for Finnish cello rock band Apocalyptica.

“This band has seen its share of difficult situations and for me I was the guy that had to decide to give up or fix what was broken. Music is in my blood so giving up isn’t an option,” said guitarist Justin McCain. “After making that decision to continue we found Toryn and he was everything I’ve ever wanted in a frontman. The record is a reflection of the trials and tribulations we went through as a band over the past couple of years.”

Produced by Emphatic guitarist Justin McCain and co-produced by Ryan Greene at Validus Recording Studios in Los Angeles, “Another Life” showcases Emphatic’s newfound sense of maturity and creative firepower as they belt out a powerful dose of groundbreaking hard rock. Rejuvenated creatively, the band is now firing on all cylinders with a line-up that matches the intensity of their songs. “Another Life” is filled with gigantic hooks, powerful melodies and is an inspiring triumph over adversity.

Emphatic are best known for their major label debut album “Damage”, which produced the hit single “Bounce”, and shot the album onto the Billboard Heatseekers charts at #9. The album was produced by Howard Benson (Three Days Grace, Halestorm), and featured A Perfect Circle’s Josh Freese playing drums on the record. From there, the band went on to take part in the Carnival Of Madness Tour alongside hard rock heavyweights Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, and Adelitas Way.

Featuring: Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, and New Medicine
Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Pier 6 Pavilion – Baltimore, MD

Photos by Marcy J Royce.

The Carnival Of Madness Tour 2012 came to Baltimore, Maryland bringing with it some really great bands. The night was to be kicked off by NEW MEDICINE. Notice the word ‘was’. However NEW MEDICINE had to cancel their set because singer, Jake Scherer, had an emergency procedure that rendered him unable to perform his usual duties. So up first was CAVO instead. Then HALESTORM. However, due to a scheduling conflict I missed both of those bands completely. I arrived just when HALESTORM had finished. I was okay with missing HALESTORM only because I’ve seen them numerous times, and I heard they did not disappoint. Like I had any doubt! So I readied myself to take in the mighty CHEVELLE.

CHEVELLE is one of those bands you don’t forget. Mainly because their set is filled with so many hits. While they don’t stand atop of their genre of music as a front runner, they still provide a good show laced with contained energy, giving the fans what they want, and the fans really get into their performance. They sounded good and I was pleased with the show from start to finish.



Chevelle, Carnival of Madness, Baltimore, MD – 8.7.12

I was taken aback by the massive bull at dead center stage. Very much making it’s statement by its sheer size and the size of those testicles. OH MY! I mentioned it to one of my fellow media and both our eyes were large. Those things were hard to miss, let me tell you.

Some songs from CHEVELLE’s setlist included: Sleep Apnea, Face to the Floor, Jars, The Meddler, Another Know It All, Vitamin R, I Get It, The Clincher, Get Some, Send the Pain Below, The Red, Hats Off to the Bull.

Next was the main attraction, EVANESCENCE! I had never caught this band live even though I own several cd releases. My chance had come. I was really psyched to see Amy Lee perform because I’m a huge fan of girl power in rock and roll. I know Lzzy Hale is superb and I wanted to see how Amy stacked up compared to Lzzy.

As I stood in the press/photo pit area just in front of the stage, I was anxiously awaiting the opening song, What You Want from their recent release last fall. It’s a kick ass tune with heavy riffs and catchy licks. It’s one of those songs you play speeding down the highway, angry as hell, making you feel so much better. Amy Lee’s voice was everything I had hoped live. When I’m really into a song it gets very difficult for me to concentrate on the photos I’m taking. Balancing being a fan and working can get difficult, this was one of those times.

Amy Lee, EVANESCENCE, Carnival of Madness – Baltimore, MD 8.7.12

The next song, Going Under from their 2003 release Fallen, was great. The band had settled into the Pier 6 Stage and Amy was commanding the fans with that girl power I love so much. Fists were pumping, horns were up, and the temperature was beginning to rise under the cover of the pavlion. Look out!  The groove was infectious and the pure power of the song just beat me in the chest. Next up was The Other Side, also from their fall 2011 release. Yowza! That song live is killer. I love the guitars in the beginning. The songs just oozes with melodies, riveting guitars, deep bass, and rocking drums.

I vacated the pit and went for my seat, and in my head I was saying WOW. She’s quite a female frontrunner. She performed quite well for the entire set, not once wavering in the power of her delivery. In my humble opinion though, I do believe that Lzzy Hale is the better of the two women. Lzzy has more range than Amy. Both present strong and hard for an entire set. And that is why I think Amy can give Lzzy a run for the money, but Lzzy is the better of the two women vocalists. Lzzy is also more in touch with the fans and makes a connection with them each performance. And that is something I was looking for in Amy as well. However, she seemed to me to be repeating over and over throughout the set the same moves and actions. Not quite making that personal connection to the fans I had hoped to see. Stone me now, but those are my beliefs and opinions. I call it how I personally see it.

The rest of the band delivered well. They held up their parts and contributed to the raw force needed to catapult Amy to the greatness the fans have come to expect. Some backing parts were missing compared to the recorded versions of the songs. I had hoped they would be tracks, loaded and played, along with the rest of the song. But they were missing, much to my disappointment. I knew the band wouldn’t be doing backing vocals when I first discovered early on there were no mic stands on stage, anywhere. It all was made better in my mind since I got to see EVANESCENCE perform Bring Me to Life. Here is the link to my video:

The setlist for the evening was: What You Want, Going Under, The Other Side, Weight of the World, Lithium, My Heart Is Broken, Whisper, The Change, Never Go Back, Made of Stone, Your Star, Lost in Paradise, Call Me When You’re Sober, Imaginary, Bring Me to Life, Disappear, My Immortal.

For more info on EVANESCENCE including tour dates, and to find out where to purchase music and merchandise visit

Be sure to check out all my photos in the ‘PHOTOS’ section of our site, for both CHEVELLE and EVANESCENCE.

I want to give a big shout out to Bari Lieberman for making this opportunity happen for me and the Away-Team. Thanks Bari!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – Pier 6 Pavilion, Baltimore, MD
Carnival of Madness Tour 2012
Photos by Marcy J Royce

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 – Pier 6 Pavilion, Baltimore, MD
Carnival of Madness Tour 2012
Photos by Marcy J Royce

CARNIVAL OF MADNESS, the annual touring rock extravaganza, will make its roaring return with rock titans EVANESCENCE, CHEVELLE, HALESTORM, CAVO and NEW MEDICINE. Kicking off Tuesday, July 31 in Springfield, IL, the 2012 trek will hit major cities across the U.S. including Boston, Baltimore, Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh (see full itinerary below).

Select radio pre-sale tickets will be available beginning Tuesday, May 22; Carnival of Madness fan club members can begin purchasing tickets Wednesday, May 23; artist fan club pre-sales start Thursday, May 24; and general public on-sale begins Friday, June 1. Please note that Halestorm will be performing on the majority of the tour. For more information on purchasing tickets, visit

07/31 Springfield, IL Prairie Capital Convention Center
08/01 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion
08/03 Atlantic City, NJ House of Blues
08/04 Chester, PA Harrah’s Chester Downs
08/06 Boston, MA Bank of America Pavilion
08/07 Baltimore, MD Pier Six
08/08 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
08/10 Atlanta, GA Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
08/11 Gulfport, MS Jones Park
08/13 Belton, TX Bell County Expo
08/14 Laredo, TX Laredo Energy Center
08/15 Midland, TX Midland Horseshoe Arena
08/18 El Paso, TX Don Haskins Center
08/20 Sioux City, IA Tyson Center
08/21 Milwaukee, WI Eagles Ballroom
08/23 Grand Rapids, MI Rock the Rapids – Downtown
08/24 Detroit, MI DTE Music Theatre
08/26 Chicago, IL Toyota Park
08/28 Pittsburgh, PA STAGE AE
08/29 Holmdel Twp, NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
08/30 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
09/02 Buffalo, NY Carnival of Madness
09/05 Evansville, IN Carnival of Madness

Of the many bands I’ve followed over the last two decades, only a handful have had a strong staying power in my musical library…one such band is Atlanta based powerhouse Sevendust. When I first saw Sevendust, back on a cold winter night twelve years ago at the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT, I knew they were going somewhere. Never did I dream that I would be seeing them grace the stage at Woodstock ’99, let alone have the chance to interview the backbone of the band, iconic drumming idol Morgan Rose. While Woodstock was 1999’s biggest concert event… flash forward to 2010, the year in which I finally got to chat with rock’s biggest drummer on a stop of rock’s biggest tour… the Carnival of Madness. Eight albums, one rockstar wife, and one Playmate of the Month wife later, there were many questions to be answered. How does one get the answers to twelve years worth of questions into twelve minutes worth of conversation? Sit back, crack open a cold one, and find out.

AWAY-TEAM: Well Morgan, congratulations on the tour, and the album Cold Day Memory, which I think is destined to become a classic in the Sevendust catalog.

MORGAN ROSE: I appreciate it man.

AWAY-TEAM: I’m really impressed with it. Now, with Cold Day Memory you kinda seem to have gotten back to the core Sevendust sound. Do you attribute that to the chemistry of having a guy like Clint Lowery back in the fold?

MORGAN ROSE: Oh yeah, 100 percent. Ya know, we did three records without him, and we missed him. You know that’s like bringing in that fifth element, ya know. I mean, the sound of our band was always the heavy riffs, the melodic choruses, and the three different voices. Really, to be honest, the last time we really had a decent amount of power on a record was Animosity, because we were dictated to during Seasons alot, so it still sounded like us, but we were told what to do. So we had to kinda groove our direction that way, and we like that record, but Animosity was really the last time that all five of us had the power to be able to do exactly what we wanted, so this was the first time since then, and I think that it showed for sure.

MORGAN ROSE: For sure. Ya know, being a fan first and foremost, you can really see that you guys are clicking on all cylinders again.

MORGAN ROSE: Yeah, definitely. We’re excited. We’re really happy to get him back, and get our little family back together, and get in the studio. Because, you know, we did a lot of touring before we were able to get in there with him, so…it was nice to get back in the studio.

AWAY-TEAM: Now, that album was actually released on your own label 7 Bros. How did 7 Bros. come about? Was it kinda the product of “We’ve been fucked over by TVT, we’ve been fucked over by Winedark, we KNOW we’re not gonna fuck ourselves over”? I mean, how did that come around?

MORGAN ROSE: Uh… Yeah, it was kind of a partnership thing we did through Warner Music, ya know for the first time we were gonna get the real distribution through WEA. We were gonna have the machine through Warner to borrow people to work for us, and help us out. So, even though it’s our own label, and considered an indie, we’ve got the resources all around us, and you add our management In De Goot into the fold, all of a sudden… you’ve got a massive machine at radio with In De Goot; you know Bill McGathy has the been the godfather of radio for a very long time. The combination put us in a position where we felt we had enough behind us to be able to pull this off on our own.

AWAY-TEAM: You’re widely considered to be one of the best drummers of all-time…

MORGAN ROSE: (laughs)

AWAY-TEAM: truthfully, you see it everywhere, it is what it is, right?

MORGAN ROSE: That’s crazy. I’m totally flattered that people think that.

AWAY-TEAM: The most amazing thing to me, is that it’s hard enough to play at the level that you do, but to sing at the same time? That just blows my mind. I mean guys like you, and Phil Collins always amazed me because he had such a great voice, but could play the shit out of the drums at the same time. I’ve always wondered, how do you manage to keep your voice holding one note, and your hands and feet holding another?

MORGAN ROSE: I don’t know. I mean it all really started years ago… I’d be writing parts for other people to do and practice, I’d come up with these parts for other people to sing, and they’d be like “Well why don’t you just sing it?” And I’m like “I don’t wanna be hindered with a microphone back here”, of course the stupid headset came into play, and that was like, that’ll be so you don’t have to move a mic around. As embarassing as that thing might be, I was glad when Tommy Lee wore it, because it opened the door so I would feel a little less embarassed. Ya know, it is what it is. It was one of those things where I developed some ideas, doing something in a certain voice, and everyone just told me they wanted me to do it. In one way, I wish I never would’ve brought it up, in another way it helped define our sound a bit having that extra voice.

AWAY-TEAM: You say, in one way you wish you never did it. Is it because it’s just kind of a burden as your trying to play?

MORGAN ROSE: Uh… it’s not hard to do, I think it’s probably more that I’m just completely combustive back there. Ya know I’d like to just lose my mind, and I do the best that I can, but ya know that things in my way and…I mean I’ve gotta do all kinds of prep work to make sure that thing doesn’t fly off. So I use a mic that’s not really a state of the art microphone, just because it’s the only one that’ll stay on my head the way that I play. So I’ve got a mic that’s not really the highest quality, just because I wanna make sure I can play the way that I want to play. But at the same time, that voice lends itself to distortion, so if the mic breaks up a little bit it kinda adds to the sound live.

AWAY-TEAM:Does having Clint back in the fold lift some of that vocal burden from you?

MORGAN ROSE: Uh, yeah, ya know the harmony stuff was always left up to him. When he was gone Vinny and John took over that area. So it’s not so much of a change as far as how much I’m doing, but on this record, ya know Clint has quite a heavy voice of his own, so he took a little bit of the grunt, or some of that work from me, so I don’t have to worry about doing as much. So yeah, it’s helped out in lightening the workload on me a little bit.

AWAY-TEAM: You guys have been out touring and playing for a long time. I remember the first time I saw you guys, back in ’98, at a little club called the Webster Theater in Hartford, you were there with Godsmack, Kid Rock, and I think One Minute Silence, and Second Coming. You’ve come a long way from that thus far, in fact I even saw you guys play at Woodstock ’99. So what’s been the absolute highlight of your career so far?

MORGAN ROSE: I mean, ya know when we went over and played for the troops, that was a big highlight for us. We played for some big crowds, and we played for some small ones, but overall to think that we’re just “five little rednecks from Georgia” that twelve years later, actually twelve years signed, but fifteen years later these kids that grew up playing a little bar in Atlanta called The Rec Room in front of fifty to a hundred people are now being invited to go and play for the men and women who protect our country, and to be personally invited to do that was just an honor. Not a lot of people get to do things like that, so we felt very blessed, and it made us feel amazing inside. We’ve had so many opportunities to do, ya know, Woodstock and some of the tours that we’ve done, they’ve been great, they’ve been highlights, but to do something like that. It just sets itself apart.

AWAY-TEAM: It’s good to see people giving back to those guys.


AWAY-TEAM: You mentioned Tommy Lee earlier, Tommy has a tremendous amount of respect for you. You actually got to fill in for him a few times, how was that experience? I mean it’s fucking Motley Crue, was it intimidating? Was it exciting? How’d that all pan out?

MORGAN ROSE: It was terrifying, because I got the call to do that just a few hours before I actually hit the stage. I mean, I got the call and in two hours I was at the airport getting on a plane that I barely made, to Cincinnati, to get to the venue, and in another two hours I was on stage. And I didn’t know how to play any of the songs, I mean it was nerve-wracking to say the least. But he’s one of my best friends, and I love him dearly, and for him to call me and have me fill in for him in a pinch was definitely an honor. And to be able to, I can put that in my memory bank, and in my book of accomplishments. I mean Nikki Sixx actually put out a press release, that said “As of now Motley Crue’s a five man band”, and I was like “WOW” that was cool.

AWAY-TEAM: You’ve had some dark times in the past few years. You admittedly were not in it mentally, but you’ve pulled through and seem to have a renewed vigor. You’ve just put out one of your best albums to date, where’s Morgan Rose at now? And what’s the plan after Sevendust?

MORGAN ROSE: I’m in a great place right now. I’ve got a great girlfriend that…I think that, short of doing this for a living and some of the damage that it does to you out here, ya know it is sort of a fantasy world, I mean everything that we do out here is so far from reality sometimes, that you get home and you gotta learn how to be a human being again. And we spend so much time on the road, that sometimes your decision making on the people that you’re with can be a little clouded. I’ve got two great kids, out of the people that I’ve made the decision to be with prior to my current girlfriend… and there was a lot of quick decisions that were made without really knowing each other well enough. And then with those situations, I’ve lived and learned and we’re taking it at the right pace I think. I’ve got a great girl, and I’ve got great kids, and I get along with both the exes just fine, so… I’m in a much better place now than I’ve been in, god ya know, maybe ever.

AWAY-TEAM: That’s about all that you can ask for, to get along with the exes. (laughs)

MORGAN ROSE: Yeah. And as far as after Sevendust, I don’t know. It occupies so much of your time, ya know Clint works endlessly on trying to create music for this band, or for somebody else or, that’s his outlet to be able to stay consistently working on music. You know he’s gonna have a baby soon, and that’ll probably slow him down, and he knows it. It’s something that I think about, but I’m still thinking that we got this thing on the track right now for a while to come, ya know, our bodies are not breaking down as quick as I thought they would. Ya know, fifteen years of playing together, and thirteen years on the road, you’d figure that the bodies would break down quicker than they have, and “knock on wood” we’re doing pretty good.

AWAY-TEAM: So, no plans on being a pro craps player? Because I hear you guys are getting a bit of practice.

MORGAN ROSE: (laughs) Oh we’re doing… we play cee-lo back there.

AWAY-TEAM: Lewis (Cosby of the band 10 years) was telling me that. (laughs)

MORGAN ROSE: Oh yeah man. That’s our little getaway. I mean, after doing this for so long, it’s like you’ll find anything to spice up the situation, and that’s fun and you might walk away with a few bucks as well.

>AWAY-TEAM:You have a clothing company called Alien Freak Wear. How did that get started? And I understand a portion of the proceeds go to charity?

MORGAN ROSE: Yeah. And that thing totally got started, actually the brains behind the whole thing was my first wife (former Coal Chamber bassist Rayna Foss). I was doing a signing one day, and I signed that little alien face, and I started signing that on all my autographs because people wanted me to do it, and it sort of became my logo. She said you should put it on a t-shirt and sell it, and I was like “I don’t know who would buy it”. She told me “You’d be surprised, you’ve got a pretty loyal group of people that follow your band and it wouldn’t be that tough, and we could do something for the kids, and for charity…” I though it couldn’t hurt, and we’ll do it just to see what happens, and it did really well. And then I went through a divorce, and we shut it down. Then I got re-married (to former Playmate Teri Harrison), she said “You should do that again”, and I did it again, and I got a divorce, and I shut it down…and then ya know, it started up again, and it’s doing real well now.

AWAY-TEAM: Is there any particular charity that goes to? Or is it just kinda spread out?

MORGAN ROSE: Uh, well we’ve changed it a few times. Give a little bit out here, a little bit out there. The Children’s Shelter of Atlanta, is one of the ones that we like dealing with alot.

AWAY-TEAM: In a movie about your life, who plays you?

MORGAN ROSE: Probably uh, Screech. (laughs) No…

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs)

MORGAN ROSE: God, I don’t know. Probably Screech! (laughs) That’s probably closer to how things have been going, I think I made out better, hopefully, than Screech, but early on I think I was probably Screech.

AWAY-TEAM: Being the second band out on this tour, and coming out so early, as opposed to what you’re used to in being a headliner, how does that change your daily routine? And is it a welcome change?

MORGAN ROSE: Yeah, I mean it’s cool, it’s a short set. We’re in and out, so we usually don’t stay up until four or five anymore, because when you finish a show at midnight it takes a while to wind down. Here, we’re off by seven, and ready to go to bed by midnight. So a little more rest, and we love all the guys out on the tour, so we have a good time with ‘em, so it’s really easy actually.

AWAY-TEAM: So with a short set like that, how do you choose a set list? And aside from the new stuff, is there an old Sevendust staple that must be played every night?

MORGAN ROSE: Uh, yeah, “Face to Face” gets played every night no matter what. That’s the one song that never leaves. But like “Black” is in and out, “Denial” is in and out, “Praise” is in there every night too.

AWAY-TEAM: I think my all time favorite is “Wired”

MORGAN ROSE: Yeah, we haven’t played that one in a while!

AWAY-TEAM: I know! So aside from the travel, and missing your family and girlfriend, what’s the hardest part of being on the road?

MORGAN ROSE: Eating. Eating the right stuff!

AWAY-TEAM: I hear that. (laughs) Ten words or less, describe the Carnival of Madness.

MORGAN ROSE: A lot of dice, a lot of drinking, a lot of sleep!

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs) Well hey Morgan, thanks for your time, it’s been an honor.

MORGAN ROSE: Thank you, I really appreciate it.

AWAY-TEAM: Hopefully we’ll talk again soon in the near future.

MORGAN ROSE: Sounds good, man. Talk to you soon.

You can catch Sevendust on this fall’s Hard Drive Live Tour with special guests 10 Years and Since October

For more info, including tour dates and to purchase music, visit For more info on Morgan Rose and Alien Freak Wear visit

Special thanks go to Morgan Rose for so graciously giving me his time, and Julie Lichtenstein at SKH Music and Amanda Cagan at ABC PR for making it all happen.

Band photos courtesy of Jeremy Adamo. Individual photo courtesy of Marcy Royce.

[Originally Published 9/18/10]

Atlantic recording artists Shinedown formed in Jacksonville, FL in 2001. Since then, they have released three albums full of countless hits, such as “Fly from the Inside”, “45”, “Save Me”, and more recently “Devour”, “The Crow and the Butterfly”, and who could forget their brilliant cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s “Simple Man”. All the while they have been touring their asses off, and playing in front of packed houses, and surprisingly enough none of them have included me. I don’t know how it came to be that I never had the chance to get out and see these guys, but I can’t believe what great shows I’ve missed. That being said, it should come as no surprise that when the opportunity arose to interview guitarist Zach Myers at a stop on this summer’s Carnival of Madness tour, I jumped at the chance. Here’s how it all went down as Zach and I talked about everything from the tour, to Ozzy, to oil spills.

AWAY-TEAM: First off, I’d like to congratulate you on the tour, and the success of the fifth single off “The Sound of Madness” , “The Crow and the Butterfly”. I saw that it just hit number one on the Active Rock charts, and it’s poised to do the same on the Mainstream Rock chart.

ZACH MYERS: Thanks. That’s five number ones on this record, we’re so very blessed, and we’re really excited. And now we just found out they’re gonna release one more single, so we’re gonna go for six.

AWAY-TEAM: Can you tell me what that’s gonna be?

ZACH MYERS: I think it’s gonna be “Breaking Inside”, but I’m not sure. I can’t confirm that, but I think that’s what it is.

AWAY-TEAM: So six singles AND you’re gonna knock Ozzy off the top spot. That’s pretty cool.

ZACH MYERS: Yeah. We did already, actually, on Active Rock. Sorry Ozzy.

AWAY-TEAM: (laughs) Back to the tour, you guys have assembled a killer lineup, how did this all happen?

ZACH MYERS: The idea came up…Brent (frontman Brent Smith) wanted to do a festival tour, our manager also wanted to do a festival tour, our manager manages all of these bands. So it was pretty easy to put together, ya know what I mean, it was all in house. It was cool man. It was something that we asked all these bands, we picked the bands. It was a fun idea, when we put it all together, and ya know the best thing about the summer is festivals. And these are all bands that would be on a festival anyway, so we went to every single one of them and said “Why don’t we put on a festival. Our own festival, and travel around” The backstage vibe is way cooler like that. Festivals are just like class reunions, you get together and see all your friends again, so why not have that for a couple months. So it was a very easy idea to put together. It was a no-brainer.

AWAY-TEAM: You mentioned that you thought summer festivals were fun. Is this something that you plan to do annually?

ZACH MYERS: It is gonna be an annual thing. But it’s gonna be almost like when Limp Bizkit did the uh…

AWAY-TEAM: Family Values?

ZACH MYERS: Yeah. We’re not gonna be on it every year. I know that we probably won’t be on it next year, but the following year we’ll probably do it.

AWAY-TEAM: So kinda “One on, one off”?

ZACH MYERS: Yeah. But it will be an annual thing. The Carnival will be an annual event, but who headlines will be different from year to year.

AWAY-TEAM: With Ozzfest kinda winding it’s way down, it seems like the perfect replacement.

ZACH MYERS: Yeah, and you never know, maybe we could move it to like two or three stages. We would all love that.

AWAY-TEAM: That’d be great. In ten words or less, what can a fan expect to see at the Carnival of Madness?

ZACH MYERS: Madness. It’s a carnival. (laughs) Um. Loud. (pauses) Five of the greatest live shows you’ve ever seen.

AWAY-TEAM: You guys had a Live DVD that was scrapped back in 2007. Any chance we’ll get a Live DVD/Album from this tour?

ZACH MYERS: I can tell you that we’re gonna record a couple shows. DVD’s are so hard pressed now with labels, because they don’t really make any money off of them. They put money into them but they really, no matter how many you sell of them, it’s not like the old days where when you sell a concert DVD, you can’t really sell a million copies of one. Ya know what I mean? I couldn’t tell you the last person who did that in the last ten years, so. We actually talked about doing it ourselves, and funding it ourselves. This is way too cool of a show to not put out a DVD of some sort. If there’s not a DVD, after this we’re doing an acoustic tour and we’re definitely gonna film alot of that, so…

AWAY-TEAM:Now, five singles off “The Sound of Madness”, you said you’re ready to release a sixth, it’s been about three years when can we expect to see a new Shinedown studio album?

ZACH MYERS: Umm. At the earliest, I would say at the end of 2011. At the very earliest. We’re gonna take October off, and go write in L.A. We’ve been writing alot anyway, we wrote the Alice in Wonderland song (“Her Name is Alice”), we’ve written “Diamond Eyes” for The Expendables. But yeah, we’re gonna go write in October, then we’re gonna go do this acoustic tour, and then I think we’re gonna wind it down in about mid-December. Kinda take a break, take about a month or two off, and then start it all back over again.

AWAY-TEAM: You guys recently joined the ever growing list of bands that are boycotting BP Petroleum

ZACH MYERS: I don’t know where this is coming from.

AWAY-TEAM: Not true?

ZACH MYERS: No. We’ve been asked that like five times. I don’t know where… I disagree with it, I think it’s completely fucked. We all live in the south, so ya know that’s our home…Do I get gas at BP when I’m home? No.

AWAY-TEAM: So I guess the question still does apply. If you had the podium at a BP board meeting, what would you say to them?

ZACH MYERS: What can you say? Who’s fault is it? It’s really not their fault. In all honesty, it’s not their fault when something like that happens. It’s a natural disaster, they didn’t pop the cap off the thing. But it is their fault for not fixing it sooner, or not having a plan in place. They really, if they would’ve kept their mouths shut, then it would’ve been fine. But this guy kept going on and saying things like “There’s more shrimp in Louisiana”. This guy’s an idiot, ya know what I mean? He’s put his foot in his mouth so many times. When you’re the head of a company and you have to have security to escort you back to Europe so people don’t kill you, it’s because you’ve opened your mouth too much. But no, as a band we can’t get involved in that. It’s not our place, we’re not a political band. The most political we’ve ever been is “Devour” and that’s just us talking about what WE saw when WE were in Iraq. But other than that, we’re not a political band, it’s not our business. Eric (bassist Eric Bass) and I are very political as people, but we don’t bring that into the band. You don’t talk about politics, and you don’t talk about religion, that’s just something that you don’t do.

AWAY-TEAM: This is your work. You don’t talk politics at work.

ZACH MYERS: Yeah, and bands that use 45 minutes of their 2 hour set to talk about politics should be shot! I’m sorry, it’s people that pay to hear you bitch? So what? No one cares! U2 is one of my favorite bands of all time, and yeah Bono will slip things in here and there, but he doesn’t take half an hour. And that’s the thing about it, it’s finding that line, ya know. Some bands don’t do that.

AWAY-TEAM: Well thanks, man. I’m looking forward to the show tonight, and thanks for your time. Have a good show.

ZACH MYERS: Thank you very much. We’ll do our best. This is only our third show of the tour, so we’ll see how it goes.

AWAY-TEAM: Just warming up.

ZACH MYERS: Just warming up, and my whole body hurts already. (laughs)

AWAY-TEAM: Well, hey Zach thanks alot. It’s been a pleasure.

ZACH MYERS: Thanks. I appreciate it.

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Special thanks to Zach Myers for so graciously giving me his time, and to Julie Lichtenstein at SKH Music for making it all happen.